Doug Gottlieb Retracts Statement About Bogus Report Regarding Freddie Freeman Contract Negotiations With Braves

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Freddie Freeman is close to wrapping up his first full season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but the saga around his free agency continues. Rumors involving Freeman’s former agent Casey Close, a Doug Gottlieb Tweet, and a liable lawsuit received quite the update on Wednesday afternoon.

Back in June, when Freeman made his emotional return to Atlanta to play his former team, news broke that he had fired Close.

Freddie Freeman Fires Rep
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Shortly thereafter, Doug Gottlieb reported that the motivation behind the firing stemmed from Close withholding an offer from the Braves, leading Freeman landing with the Dodgers. Gottlieb alleged that Freeman learned of the offer in Atlanta, which would explain the timing of his firing of Close.

“[Freeman] found out over the weekend just how close Atlanta had come in their final offer, called up Casey Close and said, ‘You didn’t tell me about this offer? You’re fired,’” Gottlieb said on his show earlier this summer.

Close refuted Gottlieb’s report, saying “There is no truth whatsoever to what Doug Gottlieb tweeted, and I would testify to that under oath.” He then went on to sue Gottlieb for libel, claiming he had received death threats from Braves fans in the fallout.


Fast forward to today, and Gottlieb put out a statement revoking his report while apologizing to both Freeman and Close.

“While I always strive to report accurate information, I prematurely reported on these events and simply got it wrong,” Gottlieb’s statement reads in part.

“Upon further vetting of my sources, a review of the lawsuit filed against me in this matter, and a direct conversation with Casey (Close) himself, I have learned that the conduct I alleged did not occur and that there is no credible basis for stating that it did.”

Gottlieb also deleted his original tweet that included the allegations.

Close released a statement five minutes after Gottlieb’s apology stating that the matter has been closed.

Freddie Freeman, who hasn’t tweeted since May, has not responded to this new development at the time of this writing.

Written by Mark Harris

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  1. That’s right, the Braves did not want Freeman. Simple as that. They just wanted the appearance to the fans that they did. I believe the GM and his crocodile tears, the team, owe Freddie an apology. The report gave them cover to kiss Freddie’s ass, get him legitimately teared up, for his return and ring ceremony.

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