Donovan McNabb Discusses Disappointing Chargers, How They’re Wasting QB Justin Herbert

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Legendary NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb and OutKick Senior NFL Writer Armando Salguero spent part of the debut episode of the new podcast The Five Spot with Donovan McNabb, breaking the Los Angeles Chargers’ early season struggles, and how they could be wasting the talents of quarterback Justin Herbert.

How rough has it been? Well, Salguero called the team his biggest disappointment in the entire league.

“My number one disappointment in the entire NFL — I’m not just gonna give you AFC, I’m gonna give you the entire league — of Los Angeles ‘Don’t Call Me San Diego’ Chargers,” he said.

“They are wasting Justin Herbert,” he said of the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers. “Their coach, Brandon Staley. I mean, I didn’t think I didn’t think he could do any worse than blowing that 27-7 halftime lead in the playoffs last year (against the Jaguars), And here he is at the start of this season, and he’s doing worse.”

McNabb agreed, saying that expectations were sky-high for new Chargers offensive coordinator Kellen Moore who had helped build the Dallas Cowboys high-powered offense over the last few years.

Yet, with the likes of Herbert and the team’s numerous offensive weapons at his disposal, the early going has been underwhelming.

“You would think that they would kind of run a little bit more ball control and take shots downfield,” McNabb said. “But it seemed like they were just trying to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball with play action. Is it more of Kellen Moore trying to get adjusted to Justin? Or is it just Brandon Staley just continuing to mess things up?”

Tyreek Hill against the Chargers
The Los Angeles Chargers had a tough time containing Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill in Week 1. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

McNabb And Salguero Talk Chargers’ Early Defensive Shortcomings

Salguero noted that Moore and Herbert are still figuring out how to work together. He likened it to the early phases of a marriage.

“You know, trying to understand each other. What time each other wakes up, who likes coffee, what side of the bed are we sleeping on” he joked.

He then pointed out that Staley is a defensive-minded head coach. Ironically, the defensive side of the ball has left a lot to be desired for the team as well.

“The Miami Dolphins threw — Tua Tagovailoa threw — for 466 yards (in Week 1 against the Chargers). They played man coverage down after down after down against Tyreek Hill who went up for 215 yards,” Salguero said.

“You know what Tyreke Hill did last week? Five catches 40 yards against the New England Patriots.

The disparity between Hill’s massive Week 1 and his much more subdued Week 2 indicated something to both Salguero and McNabb. It pointed to the early issues being because of Staley.

“I’m done with that guy,” Salguero said.

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