Donald Trump’s Incredible Taco Bowl Tweet Celebrates Its 6th Birthday

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Donald Trump might still be banned from Twitter — until Elon Musk pays his bill to buy the app — but the former tweet king still holds the championship belt for one of the best tweets in site history for his Cinco de Mayo tribute to Trump Tower’s taco salad bowl.

Six years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since the Prez sat down at his desk to crush what he described as “The best taco bowls” before ending his tweet with “I love Hispanics” as his tribute to Cinco de Mayo festivities.

And to top it all off, Donald enjoyed his bowl while it was resting on a stack of newspapers and a magazine featuring his ex-wife Marla Maples in a bikini.

Donald Trump taco bowl tweet
Donald Trump’s Cinco de Mayo taco salad bowl tweet is still one of the greatest tweets in social media history / via Twitter

The lib libs lost their mind over the taco bowl and how it didn’t have any vegetables and it was hard to tell if it had any lettuce. The lib libs went as far as trying to determine if a tomato was in the bowl. It was Trump madness at its best.

That same day, CNN ran a headline titled “How Donald Trump defied all odds” where the lib lib outlet.

Trump taco bowl / Twitter

“With an unerring eye for a rival’s weaknesses, he revolutionized how campaigns are won, becoming a master of social media, hijacking news agendas with skills honed on a reality television and a mastery of targeted marketing,” CNN wrote the same day as the taco bowl made its debut.

What a moment it was for the Trump Tower taco bowl team. The guy was riding high. He had crushed all the GOP pretenders and was able to just sit back on Cinco de Mayo and enjoy a bowl.

Never forget this wholesome memory from the Internet wayback machine.

Six years. Unreal. Time really does fly.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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