Donald Trump Joins Clay & Buck Show

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Former President Donald Trump will join the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, which will be broadcast live from Mar-a-Lago at noon Eastern time on Tuesday, Feb. 22, Travis announced on the program.

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“We will be broadcasting live from Mar-a-Lago and President Trump will be on with us quite a bit during the course of that program, doing the show live from there,” Travis said. “So, that is something for you to put on the calendar. … Should be a really fun program for us the day after President’s Day.”

This won’t be the first such interview for Travis, the founder of OutKick. He also interviewed Trump on Fox Sports radio when Trump was still in office.

Trump has been banned from Facebook and Twitter, so appearing on Clay & Buck offers him an opportunity to be heard (and perhaps even touch on the God-awful approval ratings for current president Joe Biden.)

Trump launched a new “Truth” social media app on Monday, which has already been a smash hit, as relayed by OutKick’s Anthony Farris.

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Written by Sam Amico

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