Donald Trump Tees Off On ESPN, Jemele Hill As ESPN Dumpster Fire Burns

Oh, boy.

ESPN is a dumpster fire right now with Jemele Hill suspended for two weeks, Mike Wilbon comparing NFL players to slaves on a plantation, Al Sharpton planning to protest ESPN’s suspension of Jemele Hill and President Donald Trump teeing off on the network’s collapsing ratings this morning.


Here’s Trump this morning on Twitter off the top rope on ESPN.

This Tweet is good for Jemele Hill — she’ll get hired by MSNBC or CNN to host her own non-sports show and be embraced by the far left — but awful for ESPN, which may never recover from the disastrous decision to embrace far left wing politics and alienate moderate and conservative viewers.

Here are my thoughts on the Jemele Hill suspension from last night’s Periscope and Facebook Live on Outkick the Show. Put simply, I don’t understand how Hill thought she could suggest fans boycott the NFL — the most important partner ESPN has — and boycott the same advertisers that support her own show and countless other ESPN shows and keep her job.

Does she have no idea where her paycheck comes from?

I think the ESPN suspension is eminently reasonable in this context. She’s not a martyr, she’s just an employee who sent out a series of Tweets that endanger her company’s business. If any employee in America publicly insulted the two biggest partners of any major company in America, they’d probably get fired.

As if this weren’t enough Mike Wilbon decided to call NFL players slaves on a plantation yesterday afternoon, which may be the most ridiculous comment anyone has made yet on ESPN about the NFL protests.

I had no idea slaves were multi-millionaire employees back in the days of slavery with collective bargaining agreements, a union, and seven free months a year.

Sign me up for slavery!

Most significantly for ESPN, they have spent the past couple of years courting far left wing support — the alt left crew — and now that far left is going to turn on them and devour them. This is, by the way, how all left wing uprisings eventually end, with ideological purity contests and revolutionary leaders themselves being executed on the guillotine.

Al Sharpton — has he paid his back taxes yet? — is now insisting that ESPN executives meet with civil rights leaders and planning boycotts of the network, including, potentially, a protest outside ESPN headquarters today.

So if you’re keeping track at home, here’s the list of all the protests/boycotts presently going on in the world of sports.

1. Colin Kaepernick protests the national anthem.

2. Donald Trump protests the protest of the national anthem.

3. NFL players protest the protest of Donald Trump by taking knees during the anthem.

4. Many fans protest the protest of the protest by protesting and boycotting the NFL.

5. Jerry Jones says players should stand, objecting to the protest of the protest of the protest.

6. Jemele Hill suggests fans should boycott the NFL, the Cowboys and its advertisers over Jerry Jones comments. Leading to a protest of the protest of the protest of the protest.

7. Al Sharpton and the alt left plan a protest over Jemele Hill’s suspension, which means we’re now dealing with a protest of the protest of the protest of the protest of the protest.

Can anyone even keep up any longer? There are so many different protests for so many different reasons right now I can barely keep up.

Am I the last sane person in sports media?

I think so.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.