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Donald Trump and Novak Djokovic— Separated at Birth?

What do Donald Trump and Novak Djokovic have in common?   They are both the best at what they do and are hated for it.  Trump presided over, and was to a great degree responsible for, the best American economy in decades with virtually the lowest unemployment ever, including for minorities with their pay on the upswing.  He made more peace in the Middle East than anyone had in years and kept us out of war.  He also built a secure border while making Communist China pay attention to American needs and stop ripping us off for the first time in decades.  (There’s more, but you get the idea.) For this, Trump is hated by multitudes, largely because he does things like insult Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter.  He also is assumed to be racist with absolutely no evidence.  Others don’t like him because he brags. Compared to what he has done positively, these things are less than negligible.  In fact, they’re absurd. As for Novak Djokovic, let’s get that tired debate out of the way first: He is the tennis GOAT, in fact arguably the most amazing athlete alive in all of sports for the last 10 years.  No one in […]



Written by Roger Simon