Domonique Foxworth, Known For Terrible Race-Based Opinions, Actually Delivers Astute Take About ‘Hard Knocks’

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Domonique Foxworth is one of many ESPN commentators who likes to play the race card. Almost all of his “hot takes” revolve around the theme that white people are bad. But on Wednesday, while discussing HBO’s “Hard Knocks” he actually delivered a strong — and correct — opinion.

I almost fell out of my office chair typing that. But it’s important to note that even people you disagree with on 90% of issues can sometimes say things that you do agree with. That falls within the 10%, after all.

And, we’d be a lot better off if more people did this. But that’s for another column on another day.

First, let’s recap some of Foxworth’s more ludicrous past commentary delivered on ESPN platforms:

Woof. That’s a lot of terrible takes and race-baiting from just one person.

ESPN commentator Domonique Foxworth (left), while discussing HBO's "Hard Knocks," actually delivered a strong -- and correct -- opinion.
ESPN commentator Domonique Foxworth (left), while discussing HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” actually delivered a strong — and correct — opinion. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for EPIX)

But, credit where credit is due.

There are a lot of rumors swirling that the NFL wants the New York Jets to be the featured team on this year’s edition of “Hard Knocks” on HBO.

There are also rumors that the New York Jets do not want to be the featured team on this year’s edition of “Hard Knocks” on HBO.

However, the NFL can ultimately force the team to do it. They don’t want to do that as obviously the league prefers the team to be on board.

One of the reasons that’s often floated around as to why a team does not want to participate in the documentary series is that the cameras and producers offer a “distraction.”

Domonique Foxworth accurately pointed out that this excuse is nonsense on ESPN’s First Take.

He’s absolutely right.

First of all, these guys are around cameras all the time. Especially Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Some might even say he seeks them out.

There’s going to be plenty of media attention around the Jets and Rodgers. Really, any NFL team.

THIS IS THE NFL! It’s the most popular sports league in America and generates bigger television audiences than literally anything else in American culture.

People care about the NFL. And, the more people care about something, the more coverage it receives.

There may be reasons for a team to not want to do “Hard Knocks.”

But let’s knock off the “distraction” excuse.

And if Domonique Foxworth and I agree on something, you know that means it’s correct.

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