Doja Cat Loses 200,000 Followers After Messages Asking to Hook Up with Stranger Things Star Go Public

Doja Cat lost over 200,000 Instagram followers after saying mean things about Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in the series.

Doja recently DMed Schnapp about hooking her up with his Stranger Things co-star Joseph Quinn — Eddie Munson in the show — for a wild night out. Doja wants Eddie. All is well so far.

But then the interaction went off the rails. After a light back and forth, Schnapp posted the private DMs in the TikTok video, making Doja look desperate.

“Noah can u tell Joseph to [hit me up]. wait no. does he have a gf?” Doja asked. “idk his ig ior [sic] twitter. He doesn’t have a DM to slide in.”

Schnapp responded by sending her to Munson’s IG page, and then he publicized the conversation on social media.

Ms. Cat did not like Schnapp, 17, going public with her request to meet Quinn, 29. Here is what Doja said in a TikTok Live video about Schnapp:

“To be fair this is like a kid, I don’t know how old he is, but he’s not even over like 21. When you’re that young you make mistakes, you do dumb s–t, you say dumb s–t, you f–k up relationships with people, you make mistakes like you’re supposed to so you know not to do it in the future. I did my share of f–k ups so I don’t f–k up again.”

“But the fact that Noah did that is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack. That’s like borderline snake s–t… that’s like weasel s–t. I’m not saying that encapsulates his entire personality. Noah is not like the definition, like I wouldn’t imagine he is. Maybe he is?”

We understand Doja’s frustration — leaking private DMs is a dangerous game. Schnapp better hope all of his DMs are crystal clear at this point moving forward. But Twitter users, for some reason, took Schnapp’s side.

Maybe it’s because he’s Will Byers and has suffered enough at the hands of Vecna? Or maybe it’s the stylish haircut? Hard to say for certain.

A social media analytics company called Social Blade found that Doja’s attack on Schnapp cost her 200,000 Instagram followers, falling from 24.34 million to 24.14. Meanwhile, her response video increased Schnapp’s following by over 1 million.

It has been quite a week for Schnapp: Stranger Things broke Netflix records, he received a DM from Doja Cat, and he’s up one million followers. Go, Will.

Obviously, Quinn is the real loser in this petty war. Think about it: a girl, a rich one, wanted to hook up with him but his co-star ruined it by posting her messages on the internet.

Bad luck keeps finding Quinn. We will leave it at that to avoid spoiling the latest season of Stranger Things. Hint: we want justice for Eddie.

Finally, this fiasco proves that picking a fight with a Stranger Things cast member is bad for business. Doja Cat is proof. So do not go sending Millie Bobby Brown — Eleven — any mean tweets. You would regret it.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. “Doja Cat” ??? is “worth millions” and has 24,000,000 “followers”. YIKES!!! I am CERTAIN THIS is in Revelation as a sign of End Of Days ….
    If there are more than six Outkick readers who have EVER hard of whatever this is … I would be SHOCKED! and dismayed over the Fate of All Mankind.

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