Dog Gets Sick After Eating A Meth Addict’s Poop

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Here’s the latest example that we’re all screwed. As if crime rates and homelessness weren’t enough of a sign, it turns out you can no longer let dogs eat random poop. There’s a chance that the poop is human and loaded with meth.

A dog walker in South London revealed that one of their client’s dogs ate some poop near a lake earlier this week and got very sick as a result. Had it been a smaller dog it would have died.

Dog Gets Sick After Eating Meth Addict's Poop
Argentina, Buenos Aires, dog sitter (Image Credit: Getty)

The dog walker explained the situation and issued a warning to those in the area on social media. He said, “One of my clients large breed dog ate some poo yesterday (Monday, February 6) from around South Norwood lake that contained some meth.”

“Had this been a small dog, the dog would have died instantly,” he continued. “Please be very vigilant walking your dogs around Norwood lakes as the fisherman etc… regularly use the wooded area as a toilet. Stay safe guys.”

This isn’t an isolated situation either. Someone responded to the post with their own dog poop eating story. They explained that they had to take their dog to the emergency vet a couple weeks ago.

The dog owner said, “He ate a poo in Crystal Palace Park behind the bushes next to the stage where the small lake is.”

“After 2 hours he couldn’t stand, walk, eat and he would keep crying,” the dog owner continued. “He spent the night at the hospital. He is a Golden Retriever so a large breed too.”

Keep Your Dog Safe And Far Away From The Meth Poop

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why are these people letting their dogs eat random poop in the first place? We’ll never know the answer to that.

But given that they are, and this is probably not a new activity for these people, they should feel comfortable with the random poop their dogs are coming into contact with.

The only solution, since meth addicts aren’t going to stop crapping in the woods and people apparently aren’t going to keep their dogs from eating said poop, is to get a testing kit or something.

Make sure the poop your dogs are eating is free of meth.

Written by Sean Joseph

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