Does Texas A&M Have a Better Claim to A Spot than Buckeyes, ND/Clemson Loser?

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Texas A&M dominated Tennessee on Saturday. The scoreboard only showed a 34-13 victory for the Aggies, but statistically, it was a dominate performance. Total yardage, third-down efficiency, and time of possession all heavily favored A&M.

After the win, Jimbo Fisher was asked to make his pitch. Why should the Aggies be in the College Football Playoff over others like No. 4 Ohio State and the loser of the ACC Championship Game? His pitch was simple.

He also had another zinger where he brought up the timing of when Texas A&M played Alabama.

“We play in the best league in ball,” Fisher said. “We got beat by the No. 1 team in the country, who also had another super star on the team when they played us named [Jaylen] Waddle. People aren’t even playing against him now.”

Antonio MacBeath with UMP Sports provided that audio via Twitter.

It’s a fair response. The Alabama offense has continued to be dynamic even without star receiver Jaylen Waddle, who suffered an ankle injury against Tennessee, but it’s still not the same.

The question is whether or not the College Football Playoff committee will take that into consideration during the selection process. Ohio State struggled against No. 14 Northwestern in the Big Ten championship, but they ultimately came out victorious (22-10).

It’s about to be an interesting Selection Show on Sunday.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Yeah. Not even close. OSU hasn’t won shit this year. Let’s say Wisconsin was 6-0 in the Big 10 with a close win over Northwestern and Indiana would they be in? What if that was Minnesota?

    OSUs resume would only be OK on two other teams. Michigan and PSU. All money and brands.

  2. Ohio State played 6 games. Notre Dame looked terrible today against a fully staffed Clemson team. A&M played their full schedule against SEC teams, losing ONLY to Alabama. Anyone who favorably compares the quality of the ACC with that of the SEC is lying to you. There’s no way ND belongs in the playoff. Cincinnatti doesn’t either.

  3. John, that’s crap. A&M can draw about 1/3 of Texas’ population, and Houston is bigger than Chicago. One reliable thing about the Aggies, their Battered Aggie Syndrome has made it a certainty that they’ll start making up excuses and conspiracy theories before games are scheduled, let alone played. Always longing for the days of bonfire and the Junction Boys.

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