Dodgers Fan Who Proposed On The Field Attempts To Capitalize On Viral Moment With GoFundMe

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A Dodgers fan who proposed mid-game at Dodger Stadium, then got pummeled, is learning that weddings are quite a bit more expensive than an afternoon at the ballpark.

Ricardo Juarez, and now-fiancé Stephani Gutierrez, have set up a GoFundMe for anyone interested in donating to their wedding.

Because nothing says, “I need money,” like getting your ass kicked and arrested in front of 56,000 fans.

In case you missed it, Juarez went viral last week when he proposed to Guiterrez mid-game. Major League Baseball generally frowns upon fans hoping the outfield wall and interrupting the game. That was no different last week when security joined Diamondbacks and Dodgers players on-field and hammered Juarez.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t even the most absurd and viral thing to happen at a Dodgers game within the last calendar year. At least this brave – and hopefully (probably?) inebriated fan – kept his clothes on.

Fiance Of Dodgers Fan Reacts To Viral Moment

Despite her man getting lit up steps from the warning track and the proposal receiving it’s fair share of negative reviews, Gutierrez is taking it all in stride.

“I think we get it. We got that we were going to get the negativity,” Gutierrez told BuzzFeed News. “We’re so happy right now that we don’t want to let other people’s negativity just bring us down.”

Negativity may not bring down the lovebirds, but Dodger Stadium security clearly can.

Not that Gutierrez minds. She’s got a ring on her finger now and maybe soon – some help paying for it (or that wedding buffet). And the soon-to-be Mrs. Juarez appears to still be very-much in the post-tackle honeymoon phase, telling BuzzFeed of her man:

“He says that he would tell any man out there who loves their significant other to tell them in that moment how they really feel and that they really love them, and not to hide their feelings from them.” 

I dunno Steph. Personally, I subscribe to the Meatloaf method – I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that. And by that, I very specifically mean hoping an outfield wall, getting laid out and arrested. The juice gotta be worth the squeeze. Am I right?

For those of you jumping at the opportunity to donate to a wedding of two people you don’t know, you can do so via their GoFundMe page. As of this writing the couple has received $613 towards their goal of $20,000.

May want to keep the guest list small.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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