D.K. Metcalf Wants ALL The Smoke, Claims Tyreek Hill Has Ducked His People Trying To Set Up Foot Race For Years

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Tyreek Hill and D.K. Metcalf have long debated over who is the fastest. They both claim to be the speediest player in the NFL, but they obviously cannot share that title. It needs to be put to the test.

However, according to Metcalf, Hill has been ducking him for years.

At a 6-foot-4, 236 pounds, Metcalf is astonishingly fast. His ability to burn defensive backs on a go route has dazzled football fans for years.

And then he ran a 4.33-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine which was just ridiculous.

Although Metcalf’s next-level speed has been on display since high school, it was his chase down of Budda Baker on Sunday Night Football in 2020 that really got the conversation started.

Not long thereafter, Metcalf traded his cleats for spikes. He finished last in the USA Track and Field event, but it was an impressive showing for someone who spends the majority of his year on the gridiron.

Meanwhile, Hill has also been leaving cornerbacks in the dust. They call him ‘Cheetah’ for a reason.

He, too, got on the track recently. Hill’s competition was lesser than Metcalf’s, but that did not make the performance any less impressive.

Both wide receivers believe that they are the fastest at their position in the NFL. There has been some contention back and forth over that debate in recent years.

Tyreek Hill and D.K. Metcalf’s beef escalated on Wednesday!

During a Wednesday appearance on Undisputed, Metcalf doubled-down on the idea that he would beat Hill in a race. He also called him out for avoiding his attempts to set up a race between the two.

My people reached out to his people— just couldn’t come to an agreement. I’ve been trying to come to an agreement for two years now.

You’ve seen me run in a track meet! I didn’t race against no 30-year-olds. I raced against real track and field athletes. So whenever you want to do that and hop on the track, let me know!

— D.K. Metcalf

Both Metcalf and Hill have challenged each other to a race. Both Metcalf and Hill say that they are faster than the other. There is no way to know until they get together on the track, or the football field, and run it out. Maybe even a best-of-three type of thing?

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