DK Metcalf Feels Disrespected, Annie Agar Recaps Week 12 & Loyola Marymount’s Aussie With A Mullet

It’s a good thing Lincoln Financial Field was empty last night

Carson Wentz, his offensive line, the Eagles wide receivers and Doug Pederson are benefitting greatly this season from the absence of fans in the stands. Otherwise, that performance last night would’ve had car batteries raining down from the upper deck. You would’ve had Sid in Allentown throwing catalytic converters & using language normally reserved for his kids when they don’t pick up all the dog crap in his yard before he fires up the mower. COVID has definitely been a blessing to the Eagles.

Looking ahead at the schedules for the NFC East, the Cowboys have the easiest path to winning the division. That’s why that loss on Thanksgiving was so devastating to Jer and the team. Dallas has the NFL’s 29th hardest remaining schedule, including four teams under .500. The Giants have the 5th hardest schedule remaining.

• The Ravens-Steelers game will be played Wednesday at 3:40 on NBC. Why 3:40? Because NBC is showing the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony Wednesday night, and they didn’t want to screw their own company and the salespeople who had been selling that night of television. Put in your half-day at work and make sure you’re home for kickoff.

• “Seattle homicides highest in over a decade as council cuts police budget” could be the least shocking headline of 2020.

• Pray for Ryan Seacrest. He’s looking for a buyer for his California home and is asking $85 million. This has to be a typo. PEOPLE says the estate is 125,580 sq. ft.

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