Disreputable ‘Tinder Swindler’ Wants $20K To Party With You

Conning people on dating apps can pay. At least, that’s what renowned “Tinder Swindler” Simon Leviev is banking on.

Per TMZ, Leviev is seeking $20,000-per-appearance to show up at clubs. Oh, he would like the clubs to pay for a suite for him, too. And a private jet.

Keep in mind, these club appearances are for little more than to “pop bottles and party,” as TMZ wrote.

Never heard of Leviev? Don’t feel bad. Most people haven’t. But he did make a name for himself by being the center of the Netflix program, “The Tinder Swindler,” in which he conned innocent European women on the dating app out of cash (and more). He pulled it off for a while, too.

Nonetheless, he reportedly has offers from clubs in Philadelphia, Boston and several other big-time locations (including Mexico), to show up, lead the party-goers and … well, we’re not really sure what.

Along with all the aforementioned, he apparently would like two security guards at each spot. Like he’s Brad Pitt or something.

“Basically, he wants the same lifestyle his alleged victims say he pretended to have while he duped them into handing over millions of dollars,” TMZ wrote. “Simon was recently shopping for Ferraris … so, he’s for sure, leaning into the image he portrayed in ‘Swindler.’

Written by Sam Amico

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