Disney’s New Peter Pan Is So Woke The ‘Lost Boys’ Are Now Girls, Too

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Apparently, Gov. Ron DeSantis dropping the hammer on Disney earlier this week hasn’t resonated quite yet, because the company refuses to stop being The Most Wokest Place On Earth.

The trailer for Disney’s newest live action Peter Pan adaptation – Peter Pan and Wendy – dropped this week, and, predictably, looked nothing like the Peter Pan any of us grew up on.

The video, which has been viewed by over 2 million people, left fans stunned with several notable changes. The most jarring – and certainly dumbest – includes the famous ‘Lost Boys’ now being girls, too, which sort of ruins the entire story.

But, you know, that doesn’t matter because at least Disney checked a box that nobody asked to be checked!

Here’s the trailer, followed by some of the best reactions. Roll tape!

Peter Pan movie looks like Disney virtue-signaling garbage

At this point, I think Disney’s just messing with us, right? I mean, it’s the only logical explanation.

As you saw, there are plenty of woke differences with this Peter Pan. Frankly, most of them I don’t even care about. You wanna make Peter or Wendy black, white, purple or orange, I really don’t care.

But adding girls to the group of Lost Boys is just so dumb, but so on par for Disney.

You wanna know what the original story behind the Lost Boys was? They first appeared in J.M. Barrie’s 1904 play and are explained as boys “who fall out of their prams when the nurse is looking the other way and if they are not claimed in seven days, they are sent far away to the Neverland.”

Peter then explains that there are no Lost Girls because they are too smart to fall out of their prams.

So, I guess Disney decided girls are dumber in its newest adaptation? Sorry, ladies.

Disney woke Peter Pan.
The Lost Boys are now Lost Boys and Girls.

The OG Lost Boys also really didn’t even know what a girl was, by the way. Sort of the whole point of the story, really. This is literally from a website dedicated to Peter Pan knowledge, which there is apparently a thirst for?

“They usually have a hidden (or not-so-hidden) desire for a “mother” (even when they don’t know exactly what those are).”

Doesn’t matter to the woke, inclusive, diverse execs over at Disney, though. They are hellbent on shredding every last piece of history in the name of box-checking and virtue-signaling, no matter how much money – or special tax status – they lose along the way.

Anyway, Peter Pan and Wendy is set to premiere on the streaming platform Disney+ April 28 for those interested!

PS: Everyone knows Hook with Robin Williams is the only Peter Pan adaptation worth watching. Fine, here’s a clip, you convinced me.

Written by Zach Dean

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