Disney Teams Up With Gender-Fluid Man To Sell Clothes Meant For Little Girls

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Disney appears intent on following Bud Light’s path after a truly bizarre marketing decision involving a gender-fluid influencer.

The Walt Disney Co. teamed up with gender-fluid influencer Seann Altman, a biological male, to market clothing meant for young girls, according to Fox News.

Altman posted a video on his TikTok claiming “Minnie is me” while modeling an outfit of the female character that you’d expect to see on a young child visiting Disney…..not an adult man.

“I look just like Minnie Mouse,” Altman said in the TikTok promo for Disney Style. You can watch the ad, which was originally shared in July, below.

Disney appears to be okay with going fully woke.

The Walt Disney Co. is definitely not a stranger to controversy. The company has been at war with Ron DeSantis’ administration for a long time.

The Florida governor stripped Disney’s self-governing powers due to the company becoming highly-political, and instead of pushing back from the table and re-thinking the situation, the popular entertainment company appears fine with going woke.

Disney teams up with gender-fluid influencer Seann Altman to market clothing meant for kids. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Did nobody at Disney watch what happened with Bud Light? The Anheuser-Busch beer brand went woke, and the damage has been incredible.

Billions have been lost in market cap, Bud Light sales have been destroyed and the situation shows no signs of getting better.

Disney watched that, and apparently thought it was a good decision. How else do you explain teaming up with a man to market clothes meant for young girls?

There’s something deeply disturbing about an adult man wearing clothes meant to be marketed towards young children. Deeply disturbing.

Who at Disney thought this was a good idea? It’s a company that is supposed to be focused on entertaining families with movies and shows and giving park visitors a great time.

Disney teams up with gender-fluid influencer Seann Altman. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Its movies are failing, visiting the park is becoming wildly expensive and Disney has now decided to team up with a man to sell clothes to children. Who is making these decisions? How could anyone watch what happened to Bud Light and ever go down this path? We’ll wait to see how this plays out, but going woke is a really bad idea. This is about as woke as it gets. Just incredibly foolish and stupid.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. Keep going Disney, you have the right to run your company any way you want! Consumers also have the right to choose the product which suits their buying decisions…….and they will!
    You’d reckon Disney have enough problems with their highly trained writers not producing earth shattering dialogue like ‘stand down!’ and ‘Wait? What?’ every second sentence in their ‘original’ content, but no, they want to destroy their park attendance in the holiday period and their merchandise sales too!
    Maybe Iger thinks Disney Grooming+ Channel has more cache than the brand Walt built?

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