Disney Losing Support After Firing Gina Carano For Her Conservative Views

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Disney has been on quite the roll, most recently firing Gina Carano for being a conservative while allowing liberal employees to spread real anti-Semitism and hate. Today, we bring you a positive development: Disney’s double standards could soon affect its bottom line.

According to The Daily Wire, pollster Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies conducted a poll that found most of the surveyed Americans are less likely to support Disney because of its recent social and political activism. The survey included Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Notably, the participants were shown the social media post that gave Disney the excuse it was looking for to fire Gina Carano, and they overwhelmingly deemed the firing unjustified, at a 72%-28% rate.

More specifically, 39% said Carano’s post “may have been poorly worded, but not worth firing,” and 34% said they found nothing wrong with the quote.

The survey then found that 64% of Americans oppose Disney’s decision to close down popular rides at its theme parks after activists said the rides have racist origins and messages. Of the Americans of color polled, 60% said that decision, too, was unnecessary.

Disney is one of the furthest Left companies in the everyday picture, adopting a view on political correctness shared with the despicable Joy Reid. Now, its consumers are finally showing the company it has gone too far, way too far.

“By a 65%-35% margin, Americans believe that companies like Disney have taken political correctness too far, including a majority of every age group tested, 90% of Republicans, 60% of Independents and 47% of Democrats,” the survey says.

Even 47% of Democrats. Think about it.

Get this: Only 25% said that Hollywood is not biased against conservatives.

ESPN and LeBron James really won’t like this next one.

A massive 84% oppose Disney’s decision to film a movie in China as “the Communist country allegedly engages in genocide of one of China’s minority groups, the Uyghur people.”

Ouch, bad news for Adam Silver.

Disney has also threatened to cease doing business in Georgia now that the state has passed legislation banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected. Though this was less lopsided, 54% were against this decision.

The big takeaway here is that Disney has been taking orders from a select group of radical, miserable loons online and in the media. As this poll and many others prove, there aren’t that many of them. They are just the loudest voices who have bullied other Americans with different opinions into silence. Of course, Disney has gone too far, and now its business might decline as a result.

We warned them. Take note, eBay, Coke, Under Armour, Universal Orlando, and every other corporation with cowards running its business.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The corporate offices in Burbank, CA is known as “Mauschwitz.” Known people over the years that have and still do work there. Definitely not a happy place to be.

  2. If the #75miillion would ever flex their economic muscle in unison, a la destroy Disney, including movies, theme parks, stores, cruise lines and TV stations, this cancel crap would get cancelled very quickly.
    I’m in.

  3. I do think some conservative outlets must start organizing to oppose these outlandish ideas and companies, and it would be interesting to see Daily Wire and Outkick come together to form a mass boycott of a certain product to see how powerful they really are.
    What the conservatives in this country need is a rallying point and direction, I know Clay and his site mostly covers sports, and Fox personalities are all about getting paid. I think if someone could appeal to the 75 million racist despicable conservative voters (kidding), things would start to change very rapidly.

  4. I dumped Disney+ as a result of the Carano stuff. I have an 8 year old and I’m 100% good with never doing Disney parks. America is full of real adventures (mountains, race tracks, surfing, etc…), screw paying $300 per day for a bunch of fake ones.

  5. Explain to your children that there are a lot of evil people in the world. Some of them pretend they are nice and good, like the child molesters that will tell you they have candy or a puppy.

    Its easy to spot the bad people in cartoons. But in real life, bad people will try to appear friendly or even funny or harmless. That does not make them nice. This is an unfortunate lesson for children to learn but they need to know why there is no “disney” at home when little Bobby next door has all the channels and is being brainwashed.

    There are lots of ways to entertain children without paying exorbitant amounts of money to a company that despises you, despises your values, and views your children as only objects to exploit for material gain.

    Its sad but completely true.

  6. I have hated Disney for a long time. The cross promotion for everything they do has simply been over the top for years. I believe the most obnoxious people in the world inhabit the Disney Marketing Dept who try to sell you and your kids to buy everything related to the next Disney movie release. Disney+ is gone from our house forever.

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