Dirty Talking ‘Sexual’ Ghosts Haunting A Texas Home Have Made It Unlivable

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An old house in Gainesville, Texas became a revolving door for renters. According to the owners of the property, they had as many as 10 tenants in two years with nobody staying longer than six months at a time.

So why were so many tenants moving out after a such a short period of time? It turns out the house is haunted. Not just by your average ghosts either.

Home owner Linda Hill says the ghosts are the dirty talking “sexual” kind of ghosts. She revealed that she was even hit on by one of them while taking a shower.

Haunted house in Texas Image Credit: WFAA/YouTube

Hill heard a dark figure whisper “lookin’ good” at her while she was showering. She assumed it was her husband. That was before he walked in and asked her who she was talking to.

“He said, ‘Who were you talking to?'” Hill said. “And it was like, ‘Oh my God, it really is haunted.'”

The house, which was built in the 1840s, is rumored to have been used at a bordello at some point. Hill believes that is why most of the ghosts that have been encountered are sexual in nature.

She says audio recordings have even caught some of the ghosts’ dirty talk. Dirty talk like “‘Oh baby, oh baby, yeah'” and “‘Yeah, I like it like that.'”

19-foot well in the living room of the haunted house Image Credit: Sean Giggy/Twitter

The Dirty Talking Ghosts Have Friends

The house doesn’t just have sexual ghosts flying around talking dirty to everyone. There are some of the more conventional ghosts that live there too. Ghosts who open doors and things of that nature.

Oddly, the ghosts aren’t the only unusual thing about the house. There’s also a 19-foot well in the living room. Or a spiritual portal according to some.

Hill says they’re no longer looking for tenants. The house is now rented out to people who want to investigate the paranormal activity that takes place there.

I was all on board with paying this place a visit. Who doesn’t want compliments whispered in their ear? That was before the mention of a giant hole in the living room.

I’ll take dirty talking ghosts all day long, but I’m not messing with any spirit portals or ghosts who open doors. Those things are for the experts.

Written by Sean Joseph

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