Did Olivia Culpo Eat That Chick fil A Original Sandwich?

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I wasn’t going to do this post because Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey have been getting too much publicity out of me over the last 30 days, but I can’t stop wondering about their latest influencer moment and that uneaten Chick fil A sandwich Olivia is holding like it was put there by a brand agency. It’s like a Lombardi trophy for guys like me. The Stanley Cup of chicken sandwiches.

My mind keeps wondering if it was eaten or only used as a prop. Why does it matter? Because I believe in No Food Left Behind. You bust that chicken sammie out of that fil A wrapper bag thing and it needs to go down. Honey roasted BBQ lathered on that sandwich. Pickles. Makes me hungry thinking about it. I’m even thinking you open up an extra pack of honey roasted BBQ to squirt on each bite. You guys following along?

And yet here I am still awaiting confirmation that Olivia ate it. All of it. Instead, Olivia’s confirming an upcoming vacation and that’s a huge red flag. I have a horrible feeling the sandwich wasn’t eaten because that flour and buttery bun could ruin the abs. All I’m asking here is a yes or no: Did you finish off that original?

By the way, that’s an aggressive forearm into an aggressive tray of waffles. No lie, I noticed the waffle tray before noticing Olivia’s abs. That’s just how my mind operates at this age. I’m over here worried about potatoes getting smashed during an influencer bit.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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