Did MTV ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Finally Go Too Far With The Plastic Surgery

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Day-um, girl!

It’s one thing for Madonna or Kim Basinger to reveal a new face that causes a shock to the system. They’re ancient and holding on to their careers by a string. It’s another when MTV ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham pops up on your timeline looking like she had been dropped off by aliens from some far-off galaxy.

Farrah Abraham is just 31.

The social media experts say Abraham, who rose to huge D-list celebrity fame by pumping out a kid for MTV’s cameras, is using “lip brushing” method that is becoming more and more popular by social media weirdos. Fans, who must track Abraham’s every move, claim that she’s likely undergone a nose job.


I never would’ve guessed!

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We’re talking about an MTV creation that has undergone several noted plastic surgeries including getting the boobs cranked up to the next level, rhinoplasty, a chin implant way back in 2012 before getting it removed, more boob jobs, and now the lip blushing thing which is said to be where a “single mechanical needle tattoos the lips with colored ink to give women the look they’re going for.

Lip blushing. It’s supposed to cost somewhere around $500 to $1,500.

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“This looks like an allergic reaction to bee stings,” one hater wrote on Instagram.

Ladies, what are we doing here?

You know this isn’t going to end well. The lip blushing will go out of style, you’ll be an emotional wreck, the MTV cameras won’t love you any longer and you’ll have to get those lip-blushing tattoos removed and it’s going to hurt. Bad.

And for those of you screaming, “WHO CARES?!?” about a Farrah Abraham update, I have news for you, there are hundreds of thousands of women in their late 30s working out there working 9-to-5 who care and they’re going to text their husbands to take a look at what Farrah looks like these days.

THIS is the content the Internet was made for.

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