Diana Taurasi Jokes About South Carolina Nickname On ESPN

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ESPN’s Diana Taurasi seems like the type of girl who has a catalog full of Seymour Butts and Mike Hunt wise cracks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Over the weekend, Taurasi used the NCAA Women’s Final Four as an opportunity to workshop some one-liners involving the South Carolina Gamecocks. Turns out, she’s just a couple of Deez Nuts jokes away from an hour-long special.

Taurasi debuted her comedic chops Friday during ESPN’s MegaCast, an alternate broadcast of the game. Her dynamic analysis no doubt had 8th grade boys across the country reaching for the remote to pause, rewind, and listen again:

“There’s where that length comes into play right there, like in those other games she was finishing in the lane, the length of the cocks is long,” said Taurasi.

Well played, ma’am. Well played.

Like South Carolina on Friday, Taurasi wasn’t finished. She wanted more “Cocks.” The opportunity arose on Sunday when South Carolina squared off with UConn in the women’s national championship.

And this time, Taurasi did so with a side kick, Sue Bird.

“It’s a game of inches, at the same time,” Bird said via ESPN’s MegaCast.

Taurasi responded: “It’s a game of inches, ask the Cocks. And they’re taking those inches.”

With all the timing of Cheech and Chong, the co-hosts delivered another heater.

“Do you take those inches?” asked Bird.

“Absolutely,” said Taurasi.

Let’s hope Taurasi and Bird will return for an encore next season. I heard Hugh Jass and Amanda Hugginkiss have a prior commitment.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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