Dez Bryant Shares Concerning Update About Ex-Cowboys Star

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A series of tweets sent by former Cowboy Dez Bryant has Dallas fans concerned about the well being of retired running back Marion Barber III. Bryant offered no details, but told his 3.4 million Twitter followers that former teammate Barber is “down and out bad.”

Bryant’s initial tweet accompanied a Barber highlight reel featuring some of his most impressive plays in a Cowboys uniform. Included was a mention of a new company he’s associated with, Personal Corner, which appears to be a resource for struggling athletes: “As I watch this video and me knowing exactly how Marion barber life is going right now today is why I built @personalcorner …. I can’t even enjoy it because he’s down and out bad…we are just a stat and moments to most people…” tweeted Bryant.

Per their website, Personal Corner strives to “Unleash limitless potential, in the game and outside. We help you achieve your full potential off the field.” 

Moments later, Bryant pounded the table for his company, vowing that they will take care of athletes in a way no other company has.


Though Bryant didn’t elaborate on the struggles of his ex-teammate, Barber’s post-NFL life hasn’t been without issue. Since his last appearance in the league (2011), he’s been arrested twice.

Barber spent all but one of his seven years in the NFL with the Cowboys. He entered the league as a fourth-round draft pick and ran for more than 4,700 yards and tallied 59 touchdowns. In 2007, he was named to his first and only Pro Bowl. Bryant and Barber were teammates in Dallas during the 2010 season.

Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Honestly I always liked Dez Bryant. I think his mom had him when she was like 15 yrs old. He did alright himself all things considered. Maybe she got rowdy and he slapped her idk ??

    Anyhow, I hope MB III doesn’t go the way of Deonte West

  2. The bitterness of petty fools behind keyboards… it seems he may have gained some perspective in his life. Perhaps grown. Shouldn’t we all try for that? Or are we content to jam away at keyboards to jerk off our own tiny egos?

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