DeVonta Smith Dons Batman Cape After Straight-Up ‘MOSSING’ Defenders On Back-To-Back GROWN MAN Catches

The Slim Reaper is Him. Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith earned that title after the best drive of his NFL career this weekend.

Smith, who was the No. 10 overall pick in 2021, is part of a young offensive resurgence in Philadelphia that is led by quarterback Jalen Hurts. During Sunday’s game against the Commanders, he made it very clear that he is not going to play second fiddle to A.J. Brown all season.

To do so, DeVonta Smith made two RIDICULOUS catches on back-to-back plays against Washington.

Right before halftime, the Eagles lined up around midfield with under a minute remaining. Hurts took the snap, dropped back in the pocket and threw into double coverage.

It wasn’t necessarily the smartest throw, but the former Alabama quarterback trusted the former Alabama receiver to go up and get it. He did. Smith went WAY up and hauled down the deep ball between two defenders and held on as he got hit at about the two-yard-line.

It was a grown-man catch.

On the very next play, Smith did it again. Hurts rewarded his pass-catcher by looking his way on the jump ball to the corner and trusted him to do it again. He did.

Smith completely ‘Mossed’ the Washington defensive back for the second play in a row and hauled in yet another grown man catch.

Following his incredible two-play stretch, Smith was awarded the highest of honors on the sideline. His teammates placed a Batman cape over his jersey because he went superhero mode.

If there was any doubt about whether Smith would be able to shine in Philly’s offense, there is no more. He was on one on Sunday and simply could not be stopped. The Commanders defense could not guard him, and when they did, the Slim Reaper didn’t care.

Written by Grayson Weir

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