Devin White Drops Innocent, But Curious ‘Bounty Gate-esque’ Line In Super Bowl Interview

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Devin White is a former top-5 pick who has lived up to the hype for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s one of the best young linebackers in the NFL, and he complements Lavonte David well on the inside.

He probably needs to cool it with the $1,000 bet quotes for on-field plays though. After the “Bounty Gate” fiasco of 2009-11, some people might be a little sensitive to the idea of paying a defensive player for big plays.

During a Super Bowl interview earlier in the week, White was asked about the personality differences between himself and David. His response was completely innocent, but there was at least one thing that stood out.

“He done taught me a lot, still teaching me a lot,” White said of David, according to Joe Bucs Fan. “And I’m teaching him something, too.

“You know, especially, like, it’s always that mentality, like, ‘Beat me to the ball. Get more tackles than me. Let’s see who can come up with the biggest play first. You know, whoever come up with the biggest play, that person gotta pay the other person $1,000.’ Just little stuff that I’m able to throw into our game to make it more interesting, as well.

“But man, from the classroom to off-the-field taking care of yourself, taking care of your body, making sure you’re available for every game, he done taught me a lot, and I can’t thank him enough.”

This comment was meant to be fun and harmless comment. The bet he mentions isn’t designed to intentionally hurt other players. It’s meant to get the competitive juices flowing and make each other better–and bettors.

White just needs to tread lightly with the performance-incentive bets. New Orleans ruined those for everybody.

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