Detroit Pistons’ Killian Hayes Appears To Knock Out Orlando’s Moe Wagner With Flying Forearm to Back of the Head

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Did Killian Hayes nearly kill a man on live TV?

Wednesday’s contest between the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic took a turn before halftime when a brawl broke out near Detroit’s bench, leading to four ejections and one player getting his lights knocked out.

Leading up to the scrum, Hayes and Orlando’s Moe Wagner were chasing after a loose ball when the big man pushed Hayes out of bounds and into Detroit’s bench.


At first, it was Pistons guard Hamidou Diallo who came in to shove Wagner for committing the hard push.

But then Hayes came running over with a flying forearm and struck Wagner in the back of the head, which appeared to knock Moe out cold based on the footage. Wagner limply crashed forward into the bench after the hit.

(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Killian Hayes defends
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

Wagner, Hayes and Diallo were all ejected from the contest. Pistons coach Dwayne Casey was also booted from the game.

Should the head injury be as serious as it appeared on the replay, Wagner could be dealing with a concussion, and Hayes could be up for a multi-game suspension from the NBA.

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