Details About Jeremy Giambi’s Suicide Emerge

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Nearly six months after former MLB player Jeremy Giambi was found dead inside his parents’ Southern California home, details about his untimely death have been uncovered.

An autopsy obtained by the New York Post confirmed that Giambi, 47, committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. He also left behind a suicide note. The Post went on to report that the gun used by Giambi was a Winchester Model 94AE Lever action repeating rifle.

Giambi, who played for four teams throughout a Major League career that spanned from 1998 through 2003, was found by his mother on February 9th.

The autopsy report, which was filed by the Los Angeles County Department Of Coroner, stated that Giambi had stints of addictive drug use (methamphetamine and Percocet) throughout the ’90s and parts of the 2000s, but he was not believed to have been using drugs around the time of his suicide.

Foul play was not expected and the autopsy report indicates that Giambi had not been the same since being struck in the head by a foul ball last year when he was working as a pitching coach. The foul ball resulted in a broken zygomatic bone.

Per the New York Post’s retelling of the autopsy report, Giambi “had not been the same since and was very negative, emotional and paranoid since the head injury.”

Jeremy Giambi was a career .263 hitter with 52 home runs. He was the younger brother of former New York Yankee Jason Giambi.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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