Destruction Is Easy, Commissioners Should Be Praised for Bringing Back Sports

Clay wrote on Thursday that 66% of Twitter voters believe that most sports media members have been rooting against sports returning.

However, league commissioners, including Adam Silver, should be praised for finding a way to return to the field. That hasn’t been an easy task and they have faced a lot of backlash from these media members rooting for chaos.

Constructing new ways to overcome obstacles is hard. Destruction is easy.

“Other people out there in the social media arena, don’t have to build solutions at all. They just have to show up and then just tear down whatever else somebody else is trying to build. And as I see this happening more and more on social media, I think it’s a really fascinating question for all of us out there to think about in our day to day lives. Are we all, as a group, are we building and constructing, or are we coming up with ways to destroy? And I just think it’s such a fascinating way to look at the world.

“Sports has found a way to construct a method to return. That’s hard work. The 100 plus page rules that are in play right now that are different than have ever existed for the NBA or Major League Baseball or the NHL, they found a way. That’s what America is about. We find a way even when there are immense obstacles in front of us, and what troubles me a great deal that I see happening all the time in America now is it seems like we’re elevating people who aren’t trying to find a way. They’re just trying to destroy the way that others are trying to create. And so some people criticize me for being too optimistic. They said, ‘Oh my god, Clay Travis, you are sharing too many reasons for optimism during the Coronavirus. I never want to leave my house again. It’s terrifying. Oh my god. You’ve been saying for months that you think sports are going to be back.’

“Yeah, because I believe in American creators finding a way. I think we’re going to have a vaccine one day. I believe that our American ingenuity and exceptionalism is going to rise to the challenge of this virus, just like we rose to the challenge in World War II. And just like throughout our history as a nation, and frankly, throughout world history, man has risen to the challenge time after time after time. But constructing things is hard, and it often leads to imperfect results. What I wish all of us would spend more time doing, and certainly I’m guilty of this as well, it’s easy to be negative, it’s easy to tear down something, but how much work are we putting into building new things that are better than what we’re tearing down? And how much easier is it to sit around on our phones and say, ‘Oh, that’ll never work. Oh, look at that obstacle. This is stupid. Why are we trying to do anything at all?’ We’re trying to do something because the credo of America has always been ‘be better.’ That’s what capitalism is. It’s a constant mantra to be better.

“If your company is better than somebody else’s company, they win. And over time, that efficiency leads to a rising standard of living for all of us out there. And so, I want to applaud the NBA, even though I don’t agree with everything they’re doing, and I want to applaud Adam Silver for finding a way. The same thing with Major League Baseball and Rob Manfred. The same thing with Gary Bettman and hockey.

“But, I just want you to think right now as we finish hour one of the show, construction versus destruction. How much time do I spend in my own life, and this is something I think about too, constructing something as opposed to just trying to tear down something else. How much time do I spend on Facebook constructing versus destructing? How much time do I spend in my marriage or with my child-raising, constructing versus destructing? How much time at work?

“Construction is hard. It requires a lot of effort and it’s imperfect.

“Destruction is easy, but it often leads to worse results.

“It seems to me like far too often as a country, we are leading into destruction. And I think that’s why so many people in my industry are doing it but also why so many sports fans out there are fundamentally rejecting many people in the sports media because we’re tired as a country I think of destruction.”

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Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael Shamburger is the Video Editor @ Outkick. He has 11+ years covering golf and college football and is a big LSU fan who prefers to hit driver-wedge as often as possible. DBAP

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  1. We should all be very grateful to the Bundesliga and the EPL (among others) for leading the charge on this. The Germans have been playing since May, the English since June. They refused to allow the twitter dooms day cult to stop them. As usual we learned from them and are finally rolling out our own heavily sanitized version.

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