Despite Changing College Game, Dan Mullen Has No Plans To Hit The NFL

The Florida Gators are gearing up to take on the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl on Wednesday. Several of Florida’s key players on offense have chosen to opt out of that game, and that led head coach Dan Mullen to give an interesting response to a question about his future.

Would the longtime college coach ever consider a jump to the next level? As of right now, that isn’t in his plans, but he also didn’t close the door on the idea.

“It’s not something I’ve thought about,” Mullen said on Tuesday, via the Orlando Sentinel. “If it’s something as opportunities present themselves — like everything in the world — you take things as they come, and you visit them, and you reflect at where you are in your life. Very much like we have a lot of players that are deciding to move onto the NFL.

“With those guys it’s, ‘Hey, make sure you make great decisions, reflect upon what’s best for you and your life and your situation and where you’re at.’ You make a decision that’s best for you and your family in everything.”

That sounds like a guy who plans to stick around for now. With the way the college game has been changing, however, it will be interesting to see if Mullen lasts in Gainesville.

College athletes have more power and flexibility than ever before, and Mullen is aware of it.

“College football, as we know it, will be very different over the next several years,” Mullen continued. “I don’t want to say it’s going to be better or worse. It’s just going to be different than what a lot of college football is used to. The world is ever-changing.

“I think that part of it, with everything changing in college football, will just mean it will be very different moving forward.”

He isn’t wrong. There are sport-altering changes coming down the pike. The transfer portal has become a popular choice for non-starters, and athletes are closing in on compensation for their name, image and likeness.

Just those two things will drastically change how things are done at the college level. Will that push coaches like Mullen to the NFL? Maybe, but we haven’t reached that point yet.

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