Teams That Can Offer Best Trade Packages for Deshaun Watson

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Naming potential destinations for Deshaun Watson is a tough task. At least 24 teams should make the call. The real challenge, however, is finding teams that could realistically complete a trade with the Texans. To acquire Watson, a team would have to satisfy both Houston and Watson, who would then have to waive his no-trade clause to be moved.

Tuesday, Good Morning Football listed the Jets, Dolphins, and Lions as three teams capable of offering compelling trade packages:

Until now, Detroit had not been brought up as a possibility for Watson, and this package from the Lions probably won’t get it done. The Texans need draft picks, and Matt Stafford, 32, has little value on a rebuilding roster, which Houston would be without Watson.

Watson likely doesn’t stay up at night imagining a career with the Lions, either.

From the Texans’ perspective, the Jets would have the most enticing offer. Two first-round picks in 2021 and two over the next two years is a load. It’s unclear if the Jets would offer all four picks, though. Watson is a superstar, but giving away that draft capital, combined with the Jets’ current roster, wouldn’t give Watson much to work with. Thus, Watson should not waive his no-trade clause for the Jets.

If Watson ends up in the same division as Josh Allen, he’d better make sure he lands with a team that can compete. Of GMFB‘s three listed teams, Miami would be the best fit for him, and it’s not even close. The Dolphins have the defense, the coach, and the direction — they just don’t have the guy. Insert Watson, and Miami is a Super Bowl contender next season.

Aside from the Jets (and assuming the Jags won’t make the call), the Dolphins can send the Texans the most appealing trade package. In his rookie season, Tua Tagovailoa didn’t prove he belonged but didn’t prove he didn’t either. Plus, the Texans aren’t a playoff team and could afford to use a season to see if Tagovailoa is a starting QB. Should GMFB‘s proposed Texans-Dolphins trade come to fruition, Houston could use the 3rd overall pick on defense or at receiver, then decide if it needs to draft a QB with the 2022 1st round pick.

Of course, Miami could foolishly decide it isn’t interested in giving up assets for Watson. In that case, the door then opens for the 49ers, Panthers, and Bears to make their case.

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  1. I am a big Watson fan. He decided he had enough soon after signing his big money contract. DeShaun is the one that wants out of Houston but he’s under contract so Houston doesn’t have to trade him anywhere. If I am Houston I take the best trade for the team and DeShaun can accept it or stay in Houston..If he pouts and stays away from camp so be it. Houston loses again and gets to actually pick in the first round after they lose again next year. You sign the deal,you have a deal. Fact. By the way,if the Jets give that much up it’s a no brainer. Maybe they get Darnold involved.

  2. As a Bronco fan I would like to see them get into the conversation. At least to see if a trade would be possible and what it would cost them. Watson had a pretty underrated season this last year amongst turmoil in the front office and his number 1 receiver being traded off. I am certainly not saying Denver would be able to get him, but they better pick up the phone and make the call. I would give way more than what GMFB purposed the Dolphins would give up or the Lions to give up to receive one of the best young QBs.

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