Watson’s Lawyer: Watson Regularly Deletes His Instagram Messages

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A lawsuit filed against Deshaun Watson Sunday night said the QB is deleting past Instagram messages and contacting those who provided him massages in an attempt to settle. On Monday morning, Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin said it’s common for Watson and others to delete past Instagram messages. Hardin added that Watson has not deleted any [Instagram] messages since March 15.


Hardin also denied the second claim, saying, “We categorically deny that [Watson] has reached out directly to his accusers in an attempt to settle these cases.”

KPRC 2 in Houston reported last week that Watson sent a non-disclosure agreement to one of his accusers, who signed it, then was rejected a copy of it. It’s unclear whether Hardin is denying this report also or just the claims in Sunday’s lawsuit.

As I have said in previous articles on this topic, an NDA alone does not prove guilt.

Ultimately, each new report, allegation, statement, and story adds to OutKick’s initial stance: either Deshaun Watson is a sexual predator or a large collection of women are lying about sexual assault in an effort to extort him for money.

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  1. Remembering Rusty Hardin’s name from some previous high profile work.
    I hope he’s getting paid on a weekly basis, because when the money runs out he ain’t getting no more.

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