Deshaun Watson Indicates He’s Still Steamed at Texans

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Deshaun Watson sent a tweet that may seem cryptic, but with further context, indicates that he is still mad at the situation with the Houston Texans:

You might look at that and think what is this nonsense? However, remember recently that Adam Schefter tweeted this about Deshaun Watson and 2 and 10:

The reason this is significant from Watson is that today Texans owner Cal McNair told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle that he is keeping the quarterback in the loop about the team’s head coaching search. This promise was apparently made to Watson about the team’s GM search previously. However, this promise was not kept when they hired Nick Caserio, the apparent favorite of Jack Easterby, the former Patriots’ team chaplain who appears to effectively be running the Texans organization.

The question remains whether Watson is going to be enough of a pest to force himself out of Houston, similar to what James Harden just did.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Who the fuck cares? Quit whining. You entered into the mega contract with the same ownership group in place then that is in place now. Nothing has changed. Grow up and talk to the team not Twitter. All for the clout.

    • Totally agree Reiner. Watson has definitely last any sympathy from me by going on and on……..he’s acting like he’s all that matters…..he’s getting a LeBron, Kyrie, Harden vibe to him like he thinks what he says matters to anyone, that we’re hanging on his every word, that his opinion matters. Houston is going through a dark period in sports right now. The Astros will always been looked upon as cheaters until the players involved are retired. They were fortunate to not have to deal with going on the road and facing fans. Harden has proven he can’t win anything other than a scoring title and has become a cancer in the locker room. Now Deshaun is sounding like a petulant child who wants his way or he’s going to go to his room and play the race/victim card. What these athletes have done to good, loyal fans is beyond pathetic. Just STFU and do the only thing in life you’re any good at guys… sports and leave the your opinions to yourself.

  2. He’s going to continue playing that game, eh? Imagine if fans started complaining about the demographics of the league’s players. Seems the race hustle can only go one way.

    If the NFL was a stock, I’d be shorting the hell out of it.

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