Deshaun Doesn’t Care Who The Coach Is, He Wants Out Of Houston

Just in case anyone thought Deshaun Watson was demanding a trade to try and influence the coaching hire–you’re wrong.

According to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Deshaun Watson still wants out of town regardless of who the Houston Texans hire. So much for Eric Bieniemy saving Watson.

Honestly, this is probably for the better that Deshaun Watson came to grips that the Texans are a garbage franchise. No offense to their fan base, but that front office has no clue what they’re doing and that should be clear to Watson at this point.

They dealt DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona for a second-round pick, and then they played so bad that JJ Watt apologized to the fans. When star players are issuing apologies for how bad it’s been, why would Deshaun Watson think any coaching hire could turn that around?

He shouldn’t and he’s finally wrapping up his ugly marriage with the Houston Texans. So who lands Watson? He’s a top-5 quarterback in the NFL worth an absolute haul. The Jets, Dolphins, Patriots, and plenty others will surely be calling. Guess they’re on the clock now, huh?

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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    • Nah he still earned his keep by playing those games. Really if the owner sold him some bill of goods that he could influence the GM/coach hire…that’s bad leadership from the owner which is a pretty good reason to want to leave. What Watson doesn’t get is that players dictate the field game…not the coaching or what players/coaches you get game and going to Twitter to air your grievances isn’t very helpful either.

      From what has been presented about this story so far…it’s about 70 blame on the Owner’s actions/ 30 on what actions Watson is doing.

  1. He knew what he was in for and still signed the contract. You call his bluff because the fines from the CBA will cost him a lot of money. He won’t sit out for long. The only way you trade him is for every first round and second round pick for the rest of his career and you take all the other teams assets as well. You leave them with with nothing. Just like O’Brien did to the Texans.

  2. What’s up with NFL players trying to make this league the NBA? Not to say Houston’s management isn’t competent but buddy gets paid to play. Coaches coach. Manager’s manage. Owners own. Know your role. Watson used to be likable but he’s pulling a James Harden here. Sorry things aren’t working out but you signed the extension.

  3. Deshaun is in a bad spot. You never rebuild with a high dollar QB, that isn’t the model in the NFL.

    No team with established assets has alot of top picks to give away. The teams with alot of draft picks to give don’t have established assets, see the Jets.

    So Deshaun is going to be playing on a bad team for several years.

    Brady was a free agent, cap hit of just $28M to a loaded team just needing a QB not to throw 300 picks. He gave up money to play with studs. Don’t see that happening with Deshaun, salary next year is north of $35M.

    • True. I don’t know the whole truth so I don’t know what gave Watson the impression he was going to be part of, or at least consulted about, the team decisions going forward. That being said, you are right, if he gets traded to a desperate team that gives away the farm then the Texans get better players and Watson goes to a team that perhaps is stripped of its ability to build or gets worse. Catch 22 for sure.

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