Desean Jackson and Drew Brees: Why The NFL Social Justice Warriors Are Frauds

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As well all know, Desean Jackson went on Instagram and said all sorts of stupid things about anti-semitism. He tried to quote Hitler and it wasn’t even a real Hitler quote. None of it made any sense.

Regardless, he has since apologized.

But Desean Jackson hasn’t been criticized by a single NFL player for what he said.

Not one current NFL player called him out for his blatant anti-semitism, for his stupidity, and for his hate-mongering — all things that the NFL claimed they cared about in their NFL Player Coalition.

Let’s compare that to the response from NFL players when Drew Brees said he would stand for the anthem and he considered it disrespectful to kneel.

The entire NFL ripped Drew Brees across the entirety of the league when he had the audacity to say he stood for the national anthem out of respect for his two grandfathers who fought against the Nazis in the World War II.

The entire NFL condemned Drew Brees. Players came out of the woodwork. Anyone who had a Twitter or Instagram account took aim at him for merely saying he was going to stand for the national anthem.

Drew Brees should have never apologized but he did because he was ripped by so many different people.

But not one NFL player went after Desean Jackson for actual hate and propagation of anti-semitism. 

Remember Malcolm Jenkins who went on Instagram crying his eyes out about Drew Brees’ opinion?

Malcolm Jenkins, a grown man, cared so much about social justice he was crying on Instagram and got himself a CNN deal.  But he didn’t say one word about Desean Jackson.

If you claim that you care about hate, injustice, and persecution of minorities in this country and then you say nothing when anti-semitism is spoken, you aren’t telling the truth.

Instead, you want to be a victim, you want to blame other people, but you don’t want to hold yourself to the same standard that you hold other people to.

The NFL social justice warriors are frauds and hypocrites. They haven’t said one word about Desean Jackson.  Not one word about a prominent NFL player going after everyone in the Jewish community.

Just compare the two:

Drew Brees said nothing wrong and the entire NFL community came after him.

Desean Jackson said something 100% wrong and not a peep.

There are different standards for different people. The NFL has an identify-politics issue.

Certain people can get away with saying whatever they want even if it is offensive, racist, or hateful. Other people can’t even have an actual opinion.

This is a failure of the NFL on an epic level

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  1. It is truly stunning. The lack of a single player condemning Desean Jackson speaks volumes to the lack of knowledge of history. What were these gentlemen taught in college? Seriously.

    • Some defensive players are going to cheap shot him this year even though he apologized for the thought crime of standing during the national anthem. The NFLPA should come out and make a strong statement that cheapshotting Brees over his patriot beliefs will not be tolerated.

      • I was really looking forward to being at Arrowhead as all of the players stood for the “Black Anthem” and then kneeled for the National Anthem. Oh my God, I wouldn’t even care, it would just be hysterical because that would NOT play well at Arrowhead, I promise you that hahahaha

        They’d have to do that in San Fran or some shit. FORTUNATELY, I do think most Chiefs respect Andy and Clark Hunt, so I don’t think the home team would have done the kneeling, but who knows. I personally don’t even give a shit. You know how to solve this? Just take the anthem out of the NFL. White people would be mad for like 3 weeks and then everyone would just forget about it. Negotiate in the next CBA for paid employees of the NFL to keep their politics out of the NFL and off of social media or face fines. Pretty simple.

  2. The real hilarious thing is, if you want to really peel back layers and look for racism – isn’t the real racism everyone expecting and shrugging off Desean Jackson for saying something mind-numbingly stupid? As in, we expect the black kid from the ghetto to say stupid shit, but we don’t expect the white philanthropist role model QB to be a little tone deaf (even though I disagree with this sentiment) – isn’t that perception actually the real racism in this scenario?

    Disclaimer : Asking for a friend.

  3. It seems the NFL wants to learn the same lesson again- keep politics out of the game. Let the ratings sink and the salary cap go down. Then the owners, commissioner and players can all learn this lesson together at the same time.

  4. The NFL wants to become a dumpster fire. A slim majority of owners are hoping against hope it doesn’t happen, but only time will tell because courage is in short supply.

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