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DeSean And Stephen Jackson Homeschooled In Racism

Total215 In his defense of Hitler-quoting NFL receiver DeSean Jackson, former NBA player-turned-podcaster Stephen Jackson proclaimed that “racism is at an all-time high.” He misspoke. What he meant is “the teaching of racism is at an all-time high.” The COVID-19 lockdown combined with the heinous murder of George Floyd enrolled a higher percentage of Americans ...





Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Thank you, Jason, for the deeply thoughtful insights, and exposing what is truly going on here with our media and society racializing a tragedy that is far more encompassing than what we are presented by the media. We are so sorry for the loss of your cousin’s life and thanks for sharing something so personal yet impactful in advancing thoughtful dialogue on these issues.

  2. Jason you are a great and rational man who has the unique ability these days to see and speak the truth about the evil that is being perpetrated on the American people by ill informed and ignorant millionaires. Outkick is the only sports outlet that I refer to for honesty and truth in sports. I can only hope that you will get a tv show with this type of information and truth very soon!

  3. I actually feel some hope for the future when I read your articles. There’s so much ignorance and negativity in the news, reading your articles at least gives me a glimmer of hope that some people still think with reason and common sense.

  4. “Trapped at home for months, jobless and stripped of common signs of affection and respect such as handshakes, hugs and smiles, we’ve been forced to interpret our fellow man through smartphones, laptops, cable news and print publications all rigged to serve social media apps.” Quote of the year and yet another amazing piece, Jason. More and more, Jason and Clay are justifying my decision to sign up for VIP.

  5. Jason,
    I am so impressed by everything you write and each time you are interviewed. You are easily the most thoughtful and honest journalist there is (and I do not mean just sports journalist). I followed you at ESPN, FoxSports and now Outkick and you are the reason I became a VIP.

    I have never commented on or posted anything. I do not have a twitter or Facebook account. I am part of the silent majority that truly exists, but it has become increasingly difficult to be silent with all of the BS around.

    Thank you to you, Clay and Outkick for telling the truth and keeping us informed. I have no doubt Outkick will be the premier place to go for sports and commentary that improves and cultivates the conversation.

    Kevin B.

  6. I’m glad you mentioned that there is no evidence that Chauvin acted out of racism. When I watched the video, I saw a man in a psychotic trance. His body language and blank expression was the unspoken language of the insane. Not saying it isn’t possible that he is a racist and that is what tripped his psychological trigger, whereas a white person doing the same thing may not have. That is a definite possibility. But to kneel on somebody’s neck for 9 minutes and slowly drain the life out of them like that shows a very unbalanced person. I would be interested to see the racial breakdown of the 20+ other complaints against him.

    • Absolutely, Jason. And Jacob Frey, that sorry excuse for a mayor, has George Floyd’s blood on his hands for not doing due diligence with this officer way before it came to this. What burns my azz is that his partner told the two rookies to “stand down” while Chauvin was killing GF. And people watching were begging them to stop. That was psychotic behavior, whether personal or not.

  7. Hey Jason,
    Tony Timpa was as horrible as George Floyd!!! And those fukkers were laughing and teasing him because they thought he was mentally deficient, which he wasn’t. Those fukkers deserved what I won’t say.

  8. Clay — Please consider wider distribution of Jason’s articles. While Outkick is burgeoning, there are still millions who haven’t yet discovered Outkick and don’t have access to Jason’s insights. The world needs to hear his messages.

    PS — Jason is overly kind to Stephen Jackson. He was spewing hate and anger long before the George Floyd incident.

  9. I could read these articles for free. But I signed up for the VIP package to support this kind of honest, factual, and critical thinking.

    Clay, Jason, and the entire Outkick team are killing it! Keep up the great work….normalcy is in desperate need of it!!

  10. So, Stephen Jackson has been featured on cowherds show, and I only mention it because it happened alot during NBA hot times, and by what I’m told, Colin is a big deal…i think SJ was featured because he’s probably a good dude mostly (in normal circumstances) and players respect him. A host can do whatever he wants with his guests…i had to put colin cowherd in check when he featured Michael Rappaport on regularly and that guy is a certified idiot…without digressing into this guy vs that guy, ive decided that there are guys who need the interview to be part of their show…Colin apparently likes the interview…i for one hate coach and player interviews… i dont see the point of kowtowing to woke players in order to ensure you have their respect so that you can book the next interview…the way things are going…those dudes want to drive a stake down the middle of us and i’m on the side of ‘people dont honestly care about what millionaire athletes have to say about anything other than the playbook and sports’…Stephen Jackson isnt smart enough to comment, emotional enough YES, but he doesnt get it…most dudes dont get it…they are just being the sheople and avoiding the social media scourge..

  11. Jason,

    Love your work, man.

    I really believe in your statement that “teaching of racism is at an all-time high.” Hatred of any form is not something we do out of nature, it is a learned behavior. Kids don’t inherently treat others differently because of their looks, they are taught to do that.

    We are seeing the fruit of those seeds that are planted in the minds of kids and allowed to grow into divisiveness and hatred. We need to do a better job as parents and a society to teach equality, respect, and unity, and not just post hollow messages on social media.

  12. Spot on. Police overreach, or “unchecked power” is the primary reason for these atrocities. Our flaw as a society is expecting perfection from imperfect, sinful humans policing fellow sinful humans. Thousands of years of human history has yet to produce a perfect solution, and we should all thank God to live in a country that has come closer than any of our predecessors.

  13. It’s a shame to consider the positive impact that social media could have on the world. It does at times. But there’s so much negativity. So much “Look at me! Give me likes!” People replacing God/love with self-worship of themselves.

  14. Jason I lost two of my very close first cousins to drugs. The first one I was 18 and he died at 16 his little brother died from drug related heart attack about 5yrs later. You never really get over loved ones dieing but through Jesus we get bye until the day we reconnect. Thank You for opening up to us your readers it just makes the bond of brotherhood stronger between us. I believe your doing Jesus work by speaking out against the deception of the devil. A collective betrayal of faith and God and turn to self and man as “god”. Why would Man want to be “god” when he rejects a god? Because then no one could question his perversions. Keep the faith! What built America, Faith. I love God, my family and my country. 22yrs retired army. And I love Outkick and you Jason keep writing keep talking keep fighting!

  15. Stephen Jackson: Racism is at an all time high.
    Thomas Sowell: Racism is not dead, but it is on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as “racists.”

    Stephen Jackson is a former NBA player who now has a podcast.
    Thomas Sowell is a renowned economist and social theorist who is currently a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

  16. In searching for words that make me realize I’m not in Allison Wonderland’s ride at Disneyland, I found comfort knowing that I’m not losing my mind by reading your articles and listening to Outkick for the past few months. This article should be splashed across the airwaves, across newspapers being delivered to doors(old school) so that when you wake up, you realize there are so many of us out there living through misinformation craze and know you are not crazy. What do I say when I hear the rhetoric now? Garbage in, garbage out and read Outkick. Keep writing, my friend. We need it.

  17. This can also be another cautionary tale for those sports consumers out there who want to follow, listen and be influenced by atheletes. Atheletes are professional executors of a sport. They are rarely experts in anything else. Which begs the question, why should we care about just about anything they have to say regarding Politics, Social Issues, Religion, Race, or hell even Fashion or Cooking.

  18. Jason, this is truly one of the most eloquent, thought out pieces you’ve written, in my mind. I appreciate the honesty and fairness of your articles and a reason you’ve been one of my favorite sports personalities for many years. Clay has always been brilliant and entertaining to me, but, if I’m honest, you coming onboard is the main reason I became a VIP at Outkick. It’e refreshing to read and listen both of you. I unsubscribed from my ESPN+ account yesterday because I want to follow honest writers like you and Clay, not a company that I have been watching since day 1 back in 1979. Again, thank you for your article today. I look forward to many years of real content from you, Clay and the writers that will come onboard in the future

  19. Jason, seriously, thank you for this. I had to sign up after reading this one.

    The context you provide (with data, by humanizing Stephen Jackson’s comments, and most importantly, with the perspective of your own loss) is …I don’t know—it honestly gave me some hope that there are still voices with the sense to provide context to what are really nuanced issues.

    I don’t see how things improve when both “sides” are not even close to being on the same page about basic facts. That’s an absolute prerequisite to the mythical “honest conversation”. But it’s really hard to talk about with how charged things are; it certainly doesn’t feel good to think you might come across as minimizing someone’s grief. (But if my facts are off, I never learn that without first bringing them up.)

    Anyway, I think you struck an impossible balance of honesty/context v. empathy here. Glad I found your site!

  20. Jason you all ways make me think deeply .What people say. And what they post on social media . It’s apparent that Desean and Stephen Jackson have very little knowledge of Holocaust or of the Jews people. Manny American Jews stud lockstep with Black to get the right to Vote in Southern states. And some Jews were killed for it . Too your point Jason Twitter and social media allows people to comment on subjects they have very little knowledge on.Or are ignorant to facts. I to think the Jackson are just a long line victims of Jack Dorsey and the T. Mob.Why what for. Likes Tweets Posts Retweets and the push to get more Followers The Victim is Truth

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