Gov. DeSantis Not Happy Biden is Considering Excessive Domestic Travel Restrictions

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The Biden administration is contemplating domestic travel restrictions that aim particularly at Florida. Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed back on the idiotic idea, saying he would fight back and won’t allow Floridians to be unfairly targeted for political purposes.

Here is one of the few politicians with a backbone:

Pretty good shot there referring to the illegal aliens.

DeSantis cites studies showing that since December, Florida ranks 28th in cases per capita and 30th in hospitalization. Per reports, the Biden administration would say that the B.1.1.7 variant making up 15% of new cases in Florida is a reason to target the state.

Should Biden move forward with the plan, it could be a battle. The U.S. Supreme Court has long held that Americans have a constitutional right to travel between states, yet the Public Health Service Act says federal officials can restrict travel between states during an ongoing pandemic. By contrast, Meryl Chertoff, an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law, is unsure if modern-day courts would uphold broad federal restrictions on domestic travel.

“That’s a very severe restriction on personal liberty,” Chertoff says. “If one took that to court, the question would be: Isn’t there a less restrictive means to accomplish that objective?”

Of course, there are less restrictive measures to be taken, but Washington probably won’t adopt them.

It’s utter madness that a broad restriction like this is even wasting a second of our president’s time.

Anyway, who ya got in the battle for your freedoms: DeSantis or Biden?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Fun. We canceled spring break to Mexico because of restrictions and rebooked to Florida. That means anyone visiting Florida would probably have to swab/quarantine/etc like we were going to have to do coming back from MX.

    It’s like these geniuses are trying to target *everything* our kids like to do (Disney, Watercolor, etc.) along with school.

  2. DeSantis 2024.

    Good for him for counter punching.
    He is one of the only (R)’s that isn’t afraid to stand down the shamefully dishonest media. For all of Trumps quirks, he wasn’t wrong when he labeled the mainstream media as the enemy of the people.

  3. Ron DeSantis is the real deal. Let’s quit talking about Biden like he is actually a thing. Barack Obama is the puppeteer with Klain and Rice on the inside. After this impeachment fails let’s impeach Obama for weaponizing the intelligence community against a candidate and then a president. Obama and his wife should be in jail.

  4. DeSantis and FL are making Don Cuomo, Comatose Joe and the Marxist Dem party look bad . Of course these corrupt technocrats would propose this. I’d say the country gets what it deserves but given that the corrupt elite cabal likely stole the election, that nullifies the argument. Get your state vote laws cleaned up folks, or prepare for years of Democrat tyranny.

  5. China Joe despises freedom and those of us who demand it.

    Mr. Burack, curious if this has caught your attention:
    Three reporters unexpectedly pass away this week: Pedro Gomez 58, Terez Paylor 37, and Katherine Creag 47, all dying suddenly after working and appearing healthy the day before. Bizarre.

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