Derrick Henry Embarrasses A Lions Defender With Another Abusive Stiff Arm

Derrick Henry did it again. The $50 million man just stiff armed a Detroit Lions’ cornerback Alexander Myres into another dimension. Clearly, NFL defenders want to bring down Henry’s six-foot-three, 247 pound frame, but it’s not working out. Might be time for defenders to start avoiding Derrick Henry at all costs.

Just look at the change in demeanor from Lions defenders after Derrick Henry abuses this poor devil. When defenders stand up straight and talk zero trash or refuse to look in the ball-carrier’s direction–you know this play was complete dominance.

Each and every defender on that field knows the same would be done to them if they were in #43’s position. They’re just glad they weren’t. At least Derrick Henry throws his opponents down, instead of hit sticking them like we do in Madden.

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