Denver Broncos Hilariously Omit Russell Wilson In Promo Photo For Game Against Ravens

It’s been a rough season for the Denver Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson. This week, the team faces the Baltimore Ravens.

That means that Russell Wilson will go up against Lamar Jackson. In the past, that was a marquee matchup.

Now, according to his own team’s marketing department, the marquee matchup is Lamar Jackson versus … Alex Singleton?

Yes, the Broncos are using their middle linebacker — who most casual fans have probably never even heard of — to promote the matchup. Singleton is tied for 16th in the NFL in tackles with 90, by the way. He has five tackles for loss and no other stats of note.

Lest you think he is some homegrown Broncos talent that needs to be promoted, Singleton spent his first four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and this is first in Denver. Just like Russell Wilson. Except, he’s apparently been more valuable in his first year in the Mile High City.

Yes, you can make the argument that Singleton will actually be FACING Lamar Jackson. He plays defense, obviously, and will be tasked with trying to stop Jackson.

That doesn’t make this any less funny.

Actually, I have a better idea. If the Broncos PR/social media team REALLY wanted to gain some traction, they should have done a side-by-side of Wilson and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Why?

Because of this:

Russell Wilson has become known more for his cringeworthy antics than his on-field play with the Broncos.

First, there was the unbelievably uncomfortable “Mr. Unlimited.”

Then there was that strange “Let’s Ride” promo shoot — mocked by Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen … and everyone else.

Subway pulled his sandwich from their menu.

Ciara threw him a birthday party and most of the Broncos didn’t show up.

Teammates are yelling at him on the sideline.

Oh and the Broncos are 3-8 and essentially out of the playoffs. And his former team, Seattle, is 6-5 with Geno Smith and very much in the playoff conversation.

Even the Broncos social media and PR teams think Russell Wilson is not promo-worthy for game against Ravens.
Even the Broncos social media and PR teams think Russell Wilson is not promo-worthy for game against Ravens. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

And yet, Wilson still thinks it’s a good idea to take shots at Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who looks much better in this situation than Wilson.

Mr. Unlimited will never be confused with Mr. Self-Awareness.

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