Demonizing The Police Created White Mercedes Lady & Her ‘Murderer’ Racist Rant

A retired sheriff’s deputy in Michigan that I have a great deal of respect for put it bluntly Tuesday morning. “What a piece of shit,” he wrote about the woman who berated a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy for pulling her over after he noticed she appeared to be using a cellphone while driving. And you know what? It doesn’t get much more succinct than that. What a piece of shit.

The officer who recorded this interaction back in April told Fox News reporter Bill Melugin that he double recorded the interaction, meaning his police-issued camera was recording as was the deputy’s backup personal camera. It was his way to “protect himself from false allegations.”

Watch it again. Study that calm approach by the deputy.

Think about the life this woman is living in which “I started to record because you’re a murderer” is the first thing out of her mouth. Then think about her being a teacher.

“You are always going to be a Mexican,” the woman says. “You will never be white. You know that, right?”

Boy, there’s playing the hits and then there’s this lady dialing up all the plays in the playbook over a two-minute video. According to the LASD, this isn’t the first time the woman has made false allegations against deputies. The department told Fox News that she called internal affairs after this incident and filed a harassment complaint.

Look, this is like watching a Facebook comment war in real life. Cops are hearing it from this lady. They’re hearing it from Portland criminals who’ve ravaged that city. The Rose City has seen 115 police officers quit since July 1, 2020. They’re hearing it from the lunatics who’ve destroyed Seattle where 180 officers quit in 2020 and 66 have quit so far this year. They’re hearing it in New York City where the mayor is desperate to bring the city back before it collapses into deeper despair a year after helping paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on a city street. They’re hearing it in Chicago, Columbus, etc. They’re hearing “you’re next” from LeBron James.

This woman’s rant isn’t some isolated incident. This is the same theme we’ve been hearing for months and years now. It’s just that now we hear it out of a woman in a white Mercedes who says she’s a teacher. That’s where this narrative is at right now. White Mercedes Lady will be replaced by a new maniac next week, and we’ll just keep moving along.

What happens from here? Police officer shortages will continue. Woke city leaders will continue to make it impossible for departments to operate until those who gentrified the cities, as the BLM movement likes to scream about, take their money and move further out to the suburbs for safety. The cities are then left to implode on themselves. The woke lunatics will then accuse the gentrifiers of abandoning the cities.

Pieces of shit like White Mercedes Lady will go on enjoying their easy lives while the cities are left to burn.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Honestly this makes my blood boil. Police officers are getting treated so badly that if this trajectory continues – there simply won’t be many at all. Why put up with this? MASSIVE police exodus taking place in California embassy in Texas. Otherwise known as Austin ——>

  2. Most American women have been destroyed by the lack of a father in the home, communist propaganda in schools, and sexual immorality. Which is why they defy anything that represents authority.

    And before chiefsgirl starts to do her interjections to me…most men are in the same boat with this mindset too.

  3. She gets a chance to spread that attitude to kids, ostensibly breeding another generation of this level of “thinking”.

    Exposing them and ridiculing them on comment sections isn’t enough anymore.

  4. And China continues to laugh their ass off.
    Biden ‘won,’ and millions of zombies like this ‘teacher’ are roaming our country…

    Truly remarkable how the officers remain calm and handle the situation.
    And tragically sad how confusing this boy’s youth must be!

  5. It defies reason the way this lady acted. Calling the cop a murderer over and over. I bet this lady is ok with her kids (if she has any) blasting hip hop which glorifies actual murderers. Another day in the life of Demokkkrat dichotomy.

    • But in reality I bet I could find things that make it absolutely reasonable for how this lady acted.

      Is she a single mother, did she have a previous abortion, was she on the pill and/or promiscuous?
      Did she grow up in a broken family, what was her educational background, and what type of community did she live in? Is she an atheist or one of those ‘spiritual but not religious’ types? Did she dabble in the occult or witchcraft? What is her relationship with her father like?

      Usually if a person gets to a point that defying anything that represents authority is normal…they probably grew up and lived in that state for a long time.

      • I agree with the symptoms but it is was still unreasonable for this lady to act this way. It was all a show for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. You are hitting the nail on the head and this is why I agree so much with Gary Sheffield Jr.’s article last week whereby he called out so many black people for focusing on the wrong things. The things you listed are what should be the focus, not fake white supremacy or fake platitudes.

        • Whitlock consistently nailed what was the ills in the black community. Perhaps if I just start calling out out of wedlock kids and high abortion rates, broken families with no father in the home, blacks killing other blacks as ‘white supremacy’…maybe they’d start focusing on it.

          • Oh yes I appreciate many of Whitlock’s takes just brining up the most recent example of a black person who has common sense and the guts to call out the bull shit. Keep banging the drum that’s all we can do.

  6. The ignorance of this woman speaks for itself. What about the kid in the car? What did he see and hear and does he adopt his mom’s point of view? If you see the video and your child is a student taught by that woman what should you do? I say demand her resignation. She has no business teaching young people. Calling a Hispanic American policeman a Mexican? Ignorance and racism at its finest. You cannot make this stuff up!!!

  7. She’s the same person that will be moving to a new home when officer count drops and “police aren’t doing their jobs.”

    Another liberal locust, destroying her current environment to then move on to the next one.

  8. What always amazes me about videos like this is the “teacher” is actively videotaping so SHE can share with others…. I would be utterly humiliated at what a racist idiot I look like and wouldn’t want anyone to see this, but clearly the woman doesn’t see it this way at all… which reflects that a large part of society (or at least a very vocal part of a smaller part of society) will agree with her!

  9. This is exactly why blacks have problems with the police instead of just being respectful and civil to another human being she goes all ghetto on the cop who was professional and polite to her its great that the world can see this really pathetic stuff

    • I’m aware there’s some a-hole cops out there. I dealt with one before (and the melanin in my skin is low)…so it’s probably the type of cop that is an a-hole to everyone. I was respectful and did what he said and I was on my merry way.

      I guarentee most of the interactions that go south with blacks dealing with cops is from their own instigation.

  10. Why hasn’t this woman been identified? If this had been a caucasian woman spewing racist crap from her pie hole, we’d know her name, her address, her dog’s name, her neighbors, her in-laws, and that she removed the tag from a mattress when she was 22.

    Why is this woman’s privacy so damned important after such an evil, racist, public display?

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