Nine Distinct Groups Make up the Two Political Parties. Take Quiz Here.

You probably find yourself routinely voting Democrat or Republican but coming away unenthused about your party’s candidates. That’s likely because while you agree with the candidate on some policies, the individual barely represents your overall worldview.

A new Pew Research Center study found that the political spectrum in America cannot be divided into just Democrats and Republicans. Instead, Pew says there are at least nine distinct political groups that make up American voters.

This past July, Pew created its typology using more than 10,000 survey interviews over an 11-day period. Here are the nine categories via NPR:

Faith and Flag Conservatives (10% of the public): deeply conservative on nearly all issues.

Committed Conservatives (7%): pro-business; limited government; less enthusiastic about Trump, staunch supporters of Ronald Reagan.

Populist Right (11%): a majority believes the “​​economic system in the country unfairly favors powerful interests, that businesses in this country make too much profit and that taxes on household income over $400,000 should be raised.

Ambivalent Right (12%): don’t identify as “conservative” politically, but are conservative economically and on issues of race.

Stressed Sideliners (15%): “largely disengaged from politics; only about 4 in 10 voted in 2020, and fewer than half believe the results of the 2022 elections ‘really matter.'”

Outsider Left (10%): believe other countries are better than the U.S. 9 in 10 don’t feel there are candidates who represent their views.

Democratic Mainstays (16%): identify as moderate; liberal views on race, economics, but are more conservative on immigration and crime.

Establishment Liberals (13%): “when it comes to race, they say they recognize societal ills and that more needs to be done to correct them, but instead of wholesale change, they say it should come from within existing laws and institutions.”

Progressive Left (6%): “largest Democratic group to say it backed Sens. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primaries (though they broke heavily for Biden in the general election versus Trump)”

So you likely are not simply a liberal or conservative. Perhaps you are a Faith and Flag Conservative or a Democratic Mainstay or even a Stressed Sideliner.

To find out where you fit, take the quiz now and let us know your results.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. We should all use the MLK Jr. Political spectrum – it’s the only honest assessment that exists. It goes from 100% emotional to 100% data driven. Or, as he rightly describes it, from “tender hearted” to “strong minded.” MLK Jr. argues we should all be both – we should be capable of caring for one another (without the need for government) through our tender heartedness, while also being strong minded in our approach to society as a whole. In political terms I believe this is best represented by the “classic liberal,” those who respect traditions but believe, above all else, in liberty superseding government. Sadly, at the end of the day most people are either fully strong-minded (“I can do it myself”) or fully tender-hearted (“protect me at all costs to others”). Right vs left isn’t the divide that matters in this country – blending tender-hearted caring for our (individual) fellow man with a strong-minded commitment to being data driven when making decisions as relate to our (societally) fellow man is the divide we need to bridge.

  2. Not a conservative. Thank you Jesus. Still have my Family Values and didn’t support grab em by the P guy. Stayed home in Jan 6. Fiscal conservative and socially liberal….Smart, strong and athletic AF

    I’ll take that….Anti Very Fine People #NoTikiTorches4Me

  3. Faith and Flag.

    Worth noting —> Should the government have a role in the free market ? *YES*
    The role of government should be to intervene and prevent our entire middle class manufacturing sector from being outsourced and sent away to other countries. There is no point in having a government if it doesn’t protect its economy.

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