Deion Sanders Would’ve Liked To Have Added Lacrosse To His Football And Baseball Playing Days

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There’s a good chance that Deion Sanders could’ve tried his hand at any sport and been successful, but he now says he would’ve liked to have followed in Jim Brown’s footsteps and taken up lacrosse.

That’s right, Coach Prime could’ve been a three-sport athlete had he taken up the sport people who enjoy it like to call “the Sport of the Future.”

Sanders’ comments about wishing he had taken up the sport came after he caught a bit of a Buffaloes lacrosse game.

“I even went to the lacrosse game this week β€” I couldn’t stay long; had some heck or recruits in the house,” Sanders said. “But, that was beautiful, and I actually picked up the stick and threw the ball.

“I should’ve got into lacrosse, like Jim Brown. I think I would’ve been nice with it,” he said. “A brother with a stick? Whoo! That’s something, eh?”

Deion Sanders football and baseball
Given what he could do on the football and baseball fields, is it that crazy to think that Deion Sanders could’ve been an absolute lacrosse machine? (Getty Image)

Deion Would’ve Been A Stud Lacrosse Player

It may not have happened but let’s take a second to play a round of revisionist history. Picture an alternate universe in which Deion Sanders picks up a lacrosse stick. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that he would’ve been anything short of a complete stud.

Lacross requires some of that agility and power he would’ve needed as an NFL running back. Then, couple that with the hand-eye coordination needed to have a successful MLB career and his raw athletic ability, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a hypothetical lacrosse player.

Think how different sports history could’ve been if Deion had started snapping a ball around. Maybe even a chance he winds up at Johns Hopkins or Duke instead of FSU?

Alright, maybe this alternate universe in which Deion takes up lacrosse is getting carried away. I’m not saying he could’ve been a Paul Rabil (don’t ask me to name any more lacrosse players), but he could’ve held his own.

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