Deion Sanders, Jackson State In ‘Crisis Mode’ With No Water, AC Or Toilets: ‘The Devil Is A Lie!’

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Deion Sanders, his Jackson State football team and the city of Jackson, Mississippi are dealing with a major water crisis this week.

In short, the city is running out of drinkable water because water treatment facilities in the area are failing, because of the massive flooding in the past week.

Residents are dealing with dry faucets and brown water, while Sanders and the Tigers don’t have working air conditioning or toilets.

“We’ve been hit with a little crisis in the city of Jackson,” Coach Prime said in an Instagram video. “We don’t have water … water means we don’t have air conditioning. We can’t use toilets. We don’t have water, therefore we don’t have ice, which pretty much places a burden on the program. So right now we’re operating in crisis mode.”

Deion Sanders and Jackson State are dealing with a major water crisis. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

Jackson, Mississippi water crisis forces school to bring in temporary restrooms

Jackson State is set to travel to Miami later this week ahead of Sunday’s game against Florida A&M.

Sanders said in the video he wants to move the team to a hotel so they could shower, while the school has already brought in temporary restrooms for students. 

“We gotta find somewhere to practice, find somewhere that can accommodate every darn thing that we need and desire to be what we desire to be, and that’s dominant,” Sanders added. “The devil is a lie … you ain’t gonna beat us today, baby.”

Preach, coach! I’m ready to run through a brick wall for Coach Prime. If there’s anyone who can guide his team through a major water shortage, it’s Deion bleeping Sanders!

Look out, Rattlers!

By the way, Coach Prime’s Instagram story from last night shows him talking to the team after practice, and it appears he has gotten those on-campus players into a hotel.

The O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant in Jackson, Mississippi. (Photo by MARK FELIX/AFP /AFP via Getty Images)

“It wasn’t great, it was decent,” Sanders says of practice. “But I think we’re giving you a lot more than you’re giving us. Especially you guys in the hotel … I really expect something from ya’ll. You’re really comfortable, right? Maybe a little too comfortable out here.

“When we take care of you like that, I need you to take care of us the same way.”

Love it.

Written by Zach Dean

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