Deion Sanders’ Awful NFL Hall-of-Fame Bust Steals Weekend

I promised my wife when we started the site that I’d take off the weekends until college football started. That means five full days of original, unique OKTC coverage and then a couple of days to decompress and begin anew. Honestly what it means is several hours of daddy wrestling time with my 3 year old and 11 month old. We already have some wrestling matches that would make Macho Man (RIP) and Hulk Hogan blush. But last night as I got ready for bed Darren Rovell of CNBC — @darrenrovell on Twitter is a must follow here — tweeted out a picture of Deion Sanders next to his Canton bust.

And I couldn’t stop laughing.

As busts go, this has to be the worst rendition of all time in sports.

I mean, who did this bust and what were they looking at?


Here’s Deion’s bust without the bandanna. @razrbackred immediately tweeted that the bust looked more like Troy Aikman than Deion.

Here’s a side-by-side:


Yes, this bust does look much more like Troy than it does Deion.

Was someone trying to save money? Will Troy have the same bust when he’s inducted?

One of my favorite responses came from@michaelsds who Tweeted: “How do you get JJ & Deion mixed up? Oh I see, they told the sculptor Prime Time & he thought they said Good Times.”



The bust also looks much more like legendary Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas than it does Deion.


Deion was so embarrassed by the odd, Johnny Unitas-esque hair on this bust, that he was compelled to put a bandanna on top of the “rendition.”

Somehow, this made it even worse.

Y’all loved the awfulness of this bust every bit as much as me. Rovell asked who the bust reminded people of and I retweeted the questions.

Here were the top four responses. From @dbauchiero:


Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, did we really just induct Antoine Dodson into the NFL Hall-of-Fame last night?

Looks like it.

One that immediately came to mind for me? Every rose has it’s thorn, baby.


From Rock of Love to Canton? Bret Michaels is on a roll lately.

The most frequently suggested doppelganger for this tremendously awful bust once it was covered in a bandanda? Aunt Jemima. The version that we grew up with before the pancake company realized that it was racist and gave Aunt Jemima a makeover. At least ten of y’all suggested this. But the first was @docksidematt 



But I think I’ve nailed the artists’s inspiration for this bust thanks to my Civil War era knowledge — it’s gotta be Harriet Tubman.


They even have the same bandanna!

What did Deion pay for this?

Put it this way, if Tubman put her hand behind her head and had started high-stepping at the Canadian border, you’d have a dead ringer for Prime Time.

Vote below via Facebook about who Deion’s bust reminds you of.

No matter who you select it clearly isn’t going to be Neon Deion.

Also, can we please out the artist on this one? What did he get paid? Who signed off on this as an accurate depiction of Deion? I mean, I’m not demanding Michelangelo’s David, just that we kept Antoine Dodson and Bret Michaels out of the NFL Hall of Fame.  

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.