Deion Sanders Issues Warning About His Family After Daughter Apologizes For Jackson State Murder Comments

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Deion Sanders is heeding warning to those who choose to speak about his family. The 55-year-old head coach of Colorado football’s statement came not long after his daughter, Deiondra, apologized for “exaggerating” comments about murders on Jackson State’s campus.

In the post, Deion made it clear that his children will repent publicly if they are wrong. He asks, though, for people to be careful when speaking “subliminally” about five children.

The warning was in direct response to backlash toward Deiondra. She was recently asked on the Baller Alert Podcast whether she liked her dad’s decision to leave Mississippi for Colorado and how she feels toward people who question the move.

In response, Deiondra said that she will always support her family and that people don’t understand that it is “more than football” in Jackson. While explaining some of the bigger issues beyond the gridiron, and why Deion chose to leave, she referenced “killings on the campus every few months,” among other things.

Here is her full answer:

While Deiondra had her own experience at the school, her comment about multiple “killings” was inaccurate. Jackson State students, alumni and fans made that abundantly clear in a social media firestorm over the weekend.

There was only one murder on the JSU campus during Deion Sanders’s tenure.

It did not occur “every few months,” as Deiondra stated.

The victim was walk-on football player Flynn Brown, a 22-year-old student who was tragically slain on Dec, 5, 2022. His body was found inside of a Dodge Charger in a parking lot between two campus buildings.

Deiondra later apologized for “over-exaggerated” comments. In doing so, she explained why she said what she said.

Deiondra referenced the shootings, murders, and robberies that she was frequently made aware of both around campus and in the city. Jackson has one of the highest homicide rates in the country.

In addition, during the first six months of Coach Prime’s tenure with the Tigers, there were multiple reports of crimes committed against the Sanders family. He had a boombox go missing (it was later returned) and claimed in a now-infamous press conference that his wallet was stolen.

The belongings were later recouped and things quieted down for awhile, until November. Shilo, Deion’s son, had his truck window cut out at the football facility. Deiondra’s initial comments and proceeding apology indirectly spoke to those incidents.

It is worth mentioning that both Shedeur and Shilo have spoken highly of their time in Jackson. Neither have brought attention to the issues and/or concerns surfaced by Deiondra, though it’s hard to ignore the fact that they existed/exist before, during and after the Sanders family’s time in the city.

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