‘Defund The Police’ Windbag AOC Among Biggest Spenders On Personal Security

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New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among the most vocal supporters of the “defund the police” rally cry, but she only doesn’t want protection for you.

For herself … well, that’s a different story.

According to the Federal Election Commission reports, AOC is among the biggest spenders on personal security. Worse, she is not alone in her hypocrisy, as pointed out by Dorothy Moses Schulz, via the New York Post.

Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, Massachusetts’s Ayanna Pressley and Missouri’s Cori Bush are also among the most ardent advocates of defunding the police — yet drop some of the largest dollars on making sure they themselves are protected.

“All these legislators support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which passed the House last summer but has stalled in the Senate,” Moses Shulz noted. “Pressley has also sponsored the BREATHE Act, a bill supported by Black Lives Matters leaders, who believe the Floyd Act doesn’t go far enough. The BREATHE Act, which calls for total elimination of federal law enforcement agencies, particularly those assigned to curtail illegal drug and immigration activities, would initially apply only at the federal level but would ultimately affect state and local policing in these areas as well.”

Even better is the fact some of these politicians have even skipped using private security, and instead paid members of local police departments to offer protection. So it seems some politicians want to “defund the police,” but only for the people those politicians supposedly represent.

Moses Schultz went on to identify multiple Democrats who are screaming the “defund police” narrative, yet benefitting from police service — with some even using police protection and surveillance in front of their own homes. The entire column is quite telling and you can check out right here.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. Have you all see the ridiculous Green New Deal posters she sells?? REALLY creepy – faceless people walking around – First time I saw one it reminded me of one thing and one thing only: Nazi propaganda posters from the 1930s. If you put them side-by-side there is little difference. New Yorkers need to wake up and vote her out. We are not faceless pawns. The American Experiment has created the platform for powerful individuals who make a difference in their lives and in the world and when united, have conquered this planet’s evils. AOC is not going to take that away! She can go practice her LBJ-esque masquerade of social justice in some other nation that she erroneously thinks is superior to OUR NATION.

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