Deebo Samuel Casually Reaches Polar Bear’s Top Speed Without Warming Up During Freakishly Fast Treadmill Sprint

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As the 2023 NFL season slowly approaches, Deebo Samuel and the 49ers are set to open training camp in just a few weeks. Rookies will report on July 18 with veterans rolling into Santa Clara seven days later.

In the meantime, Samuel is doing freakish things to close out the offseason.

San Francisco’s 27-year-old ‘Wide Back,’ a term he coined himself, is coming off what he considered a down season. Samuel had more than 1,400 yards receiving and 350 yards rushing in 2021, but slowed to just 632 and 232 in 2022. Part of that decline was because he missed four games due to an ankle injury, part of it was a self-admitted lack of preparation.

The do-it-all receiver, who was dealing with a contract dispute before the year began, admitted that he arrived to training camp out of shape. And after going over the game film from the season with head coach Kyle Shanahan, he was extremely disappointed with his play.

Deebo Samuel is still fast!

With the past in the past and a new year on the horizon, Samuel appears to be in much better shape ahead of training camp later this month. A video recently surfaced online in which he hit 18.6mph on a treadmill, while wearing what appeared to be his street clothes with a backwards hat and chain.

To put that number in perspective, although it may not be the fastest speed ever recorded, Samuel essentially ran as fast as a polar bear, which has a top speed of about 18.6mph. (According to this random website that lists the speed of animals.)

To make it even more impressive, it didn’t look like Samuel had warmed up and he was running on a treadmill without being strapped in like insanely fast USC freshman Zachariah Branch. It was an all-out sprint without assistance, and seemingly without stretching!

And it’s not like Samuel is just a lightweight speedster. He stands 6-foot-0, 216 pounds.

For the 49ers Wide Back to run side-by-side with a polar bear at his size is impressive. Look out, NFL defenses— Deebo Samuel is coming with a vengeance!

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