Outkick Readers Vote on Trump-Biden Debate Winner

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Were you not entertained?

The first of three presidential debates between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden just ended after a fiery, chaotic battle.

We asked Outkick readers halfway through who was winning. As of now, over 86% say President Trump.

Now that it is over: who won?

Vote below:

Here are more thoughts on the debate from the Outkick staff:

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Chris Wallace was an absolute hack tonight. In typical 2020 media fashion, he pounded Trump repeatedly with the same questions looking for a sound bite on climate change or BLM. He did nothing of the sort to Biden. And this was Fox. Upcoming moderators will be even more atrocious and partisan. Landslide on November 3rd. Declare victory and back to work. Inauguration isn’t until 2021.

  2. Like Jason said in the other Headline Story…we all know how we’re gonna vote.
    The fact that Chris Wallace is LEFT of CENTER doesn’t bother me.

    ** The Left Wing Media controls almost all the TV stations and newspapers covering the debate.
    ** People who DON’T watch Fox or Newsmax or OAN have been fed propaganda for decades.
    ** We’ve seen the Dimcrap Party turn into marxists/socialists right before our eyes these last 6 months…unless we’re all being gaslighted. I choose to believe my eyes.
    ** Joe Biden is a EMPTY VESSEL. Tell me I’m wrong.
    ** His family (son, 2 brothers) has made MILLIONS over the last 8 years while acting like gangsters.
    ** President Trump has done more in less than 4 years for Blacks, Latinos, Women, Asians…and yes, Whites, too, that Obama/Biden did in 8 years…or any president in modern times.
    ** Obama/Biden left America in FAR WORSE SHAPE when Pres. Trump arrived than anybody knows.
    ** CHINA ATE OUR LUNCH under Obama/Biden…and under Bush and Clinton also.
    ** Our supposed ALLIES throughout Europe and Asia (also Canada and Mexico) have also feasted at our lunch counter until they finally got a bill from Pres. Trump.

    If anybody thinks THE TONE the President exhibited tonight made him seem desperate, well congratulations, the Dimcraps fooled you big time. Chris Wallace gave the President almost no credit for what he’s accomplished, and never put the FRAUD imposter wannabe on the spot except at the end of the “debate” to question the cost of “the green new deal”.

    If you got out of bed every morning and had to listen to the TV news and the newspapers and the WH reporters accuse you of treason, racism, all the other “isms”, and of creating hate in our country…when you’re doing everything you can to unite people through jobs, education initiatives, economic opportunity zones, reclaiming jobs stolen overseas under Obama/Biden, new jobs, prison reform, criminal justice reform, VA System reform, deregulation of oppressive government regulations, elimination of bad economic trade deals from prior administrations, protection of our borders from illegal immigration (we already accept 1 MIL + immigrants /year), drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorist infiltrations, international peace deals that resulted in 3 Nobel peace Prize nominations…I could go on and on.

    If you were the man who had to manage this every day…and got NO POSITIVE RECOGNITION from the media and the press except to be called a traitor and a racist and a Nazi…from Inauguration Day 2017…YOU TELL ME…how gregarious…how charming…how engaging would YOU be when the guy opposite you is a COMPLETE FRAUD and an empty vessel spouting talking points and lying his ass off because he has not done anything in 47 years in Washington, DC.

    Thanks for nothing, Chris Wallace…I set the bar very low for your performance…and I know who I’m voting for.

    • Hey Gary…we’ve all read about what the internal resistance at Spotify is trying to do to Joe Rogan.
      He’s not that smart when it comes to politics that affect him personally…so he took $100 MIL and thought he was the cat’s meow.
      Now he’s starting to get some resistance. Let’s see if he can take it for 4 years like Pres. Trump.
      I say he doesn’t last ’til Christmas before melting down.

      About Fox…it doesn’t take much to start a wild fire. Hire a few writers that really haven’t been vetted. Hire a media person to write crap headlines. Hire a tech person to pick the worst photos of the Prez. Pretty soon the whole “experience” you get at Fox News is changing…but you’re not sure if you’re being gaslighted or if things have changed for the worse.

      • Do conservatives really not like Paul Ryan? He is a deficit hawk, small government, no regulation, etc. The party has been lost to Trump. Ryan, sees the big picture and knows this clown needs to go, or the party will be lost forever.

        You know that Tax bill that Trump passed.. That was Ryan’s tax bill that had been sitting there since 2012. All fealty to agent orange or you are kicked out of the party and or face a primary by a trump-like nut job.

        No wonder the suburbs are moving blue. Paul Ryan is was a conservative hero just 10 years ago.

        every conservative/moderate I know longs for the Paul Ryan types to regain the party…..

        A moderate republican will never win a republican primary again.

  3. Maybe the funniest thing about this whole process is that a legitimate talking point against Trump is his fast and loose with the truth style…but then they run Biden against him😆🤷‍♂️

    Someone else like Bernie or whoever could hammer him on that, but there’s so many clips of Biden just lying through his teeth for years! Old clips of Johnny Carson making fun of him for being a liar from the late 80’s. Afterall, “he’s the Guy!”

  4. I think people were looking to be entertained. I think the candidates were looking for sound bites for advertisements. (I expect to see one of Biden’s “ANTIFA is an idea” phrase with pictures of rioting and intimidation clips melded in…)

  5. Biden is a lifelong political hack that has accomplished nothing for the American people he is now offering to raise your taxes and if you own a business throw those regulations back on you and he has said he may shut the country down again. Do you really believe that is a winning message from an already two time loser for the position. Chris Wallace is just a pathetic leftie just like his daddy was and he was awful in the debate tilting toward the leftie side as usual.

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