Deadspin Castoffs ‘Defector’ Count on NYT, Liberal Hypocrisy for Attention

Today we will get more proof that Robert Silverman’s and the Daily Beast’s attack on Clay Travis, Dr. David Chao, Outkick and yours truly was a byproduct of systemic, white liberal racism.

If you remember, Silverman based his 4,100-word racist screed on the alleged crime that Outkick failed to mention in a press release that Dr. Chao had been sued multiple times during his high-profile medical career.

Well, today, The New York Times, the Bible for liberals, announced the coming reunion of 18 Deadspin castoffs with an 842-word press release-disguised as a news story. The former Deadspiners are launching a website called Defector.

In the NY Times opening paragraph, the old Deadspin is described as an “irreverent, sports-centric website.” Deadspin, irreverent? So is OJ Simpson, but you’ll never hear him described that way. The old Deadspin was malicious, irresponsible and the primary force that drove sports journalism to the extreme political left. 

The name Hulk Hogan is never mentioned in the Times press release promoting a site that won’t launch until September. Neither is the $140-million lawsuit judgment Hogan won against Deadspin and Gawker. That lawsuit is why the 18 Deadspin castoffs are panhandling for financial supporters. 

You think Silverman will be offended that the New York Times omitted all of this relevant history? 

I think not. Silverman is the stereotypical, condescending and angry white liberal racist hypocrite. He’s not talented or smart enough to peddle his brand of racism in a fashion worthy of publication in the New York Times. He freelances his journalistic bigotry.

I can’t put all the blame for this on Silverman. He’s simply following the money. The entire mainstream media economic system is constructed to support liberal racism and racial polarization.

Systemic racism is real. The architects, benefactors and supporters of it are more likely to work at and read The New York Times and The Daily Beast than Outkick.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Agreed 100%. Dr. David Chao, by all accounts, is a highly reputable doctor and health commentator who has been prolific in the sports industry and the medical community as well. Not surprised the left-wing liberal racist Robert Silverman is picking on a successful Asian American doctor who by all accounts is smarter, more accomplished, and has positively impacted lives than ten lifetimes of the sad racist life of Robert Silverman. Not sure if people know – successful hospitals and doctors do get targeted and sued all the time (sometimes frivolously) so Silverman’s hit piece is really a thinly masked racist attempt to discredit the Asian American voice that sadly is not represented enough in the media landscape. HUGE CREDIT to Clay and Jason for having Asian American representation on a high profile site!!

    • Exactly my thought when Racist Bobert brought up Chao’s legal history – and it’s the reason why their malpractice insurance is so high and their services cost so damn much. Our society has long had a problem with frivolity in the legal system. Who’s to say any cases against the good Dr have been legit?

  2. “Systemic racism is real. The architects, benefactors and supporters of it are more likely to work at and read The New York Times and The Daily Beast than Outkick.”

    This is so true.

    I am grateful for your ability to make me feel like I’m not going insane as I try to reconcile what I see and hear on the news and what I’ve seen with my own two eyes. When does the tear down of America, it’s culture, values, and greatness stop? When is the tipping point when people wake up to the realities you communicate through your work?

  3. Unfortunately if you say ‘systemoc racism’ the assumption is that you’re a BLM supporter or toadie. But you’re right Jason. There’s also a problem in our culture with leftist ideological sypremacy that suppresses all dissent in true Stalinist fashion. Many powerful people and corporations peddle both these things and it’s become normalized to the left, even if people there aren’t radical they’re mostly silent about everything wrong with this radicalism. What’s theor line? Silence is violence?

  4. Lots of doctors get sued, mostly by patients who are advised to do so by trial lawyers meant to damage the reputation of said physician. I have not read up on Dr. Chao’s legal issues, but I would take his medical advice until his medical license is taken away.

  5. So now when they want to bitch and moan and don’t want to write about a certain sports topic, and push for a cutting edge piece about “The New Venezuela Education System”, they’ll have NO-BOD-DEE to point fingers at…except each other…the inmates truly running the asylum…LOUUUUUU-ZERS!!!

  6. Defactor in the dictionary means “A person who has abandoned their country or cause in favor of an opposing one”. I predict their website will struggle and go out of business in less than 2 years because of their far left bias.

  7. Thank you Jason!
    Dr. Chao comes to OUTKICK with impressive bona fides and a worldwide reputation for integrity…accolades obvious to anyone besides a hack hit piece writer named Robert Silverman.
    In addition, he brings his “ProFootballDoc” persona…this is a strategic addition to the toolbox and further proof that the trend will be OUTKICK’S friend.

  8. The Daily Beast was widely mocked for publishing a “disgusting smear piece” against New York Yankees legend and committed Christian Mariano Rivera that billed him as “far right” on the day he was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

    The article, “Inside baseball Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera’s far-right politics,” was written by Robert Silverman, who has recent history of far-left sports-related columns.

    Since it was published, the piece hasn’t gone over all that well.

    The Daily Beast has even been accused of editing the column’s headline and image after [the] backlash:

    “…worse to lace the coverage with anti-Israel and anti-Trump invective, and to use a featured image of Rivera standing on a pitching mound made of a ‘kippah’ made from an Israeli flag…”

    “It’s pathetic that a man… is targeted in this hit piece over his Christian faith, biblical beliefs and his support for Israel. This was a shameful, craven attack by Silverman, one designed to besmirch Rivera on the very day of his enshrinement at Cooperstown.”

    “But it’s not surprising in a time when sports media glorify radical leftists like Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe,” Media Research Center contributing writer Jay Maxson wrote.

  9. I’m fine if someone in media wants to take a political bent in their writing and coverage. Just have the courtesy to openly state that up front. If they want to promote and stump for a specific political, ideological or philosophical perspective, or just play favorites with their pals who invite them to cool parties, that is their freedom to do so. However, they certainly cannot falsely portray themselves as objective journalists or hard news reporters. This absence of media accountability is the root cause of the comprehensive distrust in news today.

    An honest journalist owes disclosure to readers before they launch into championing their preferred side of an argument, when other sides are lazily ignored by them or purposefully marginalized. Editing and scrubbing the truth is no news reporter’s job; it’s no one’s job actually. Gatekeeping what is and is not newsworthy to the public is the responsibility of media. Gatekeeping the facts of the news being reported is an outrageously arrogant assault on truth itself.

    I can tolerate opinions as opinions, but I am intolerant of editorializing paraded around to me as objective and unbiased truth reported through disciplined journalism following all the facts to the truth. Please. This practice is rightly called “fake news”. The more technical term would be “propaganda”. It takes no talent or ability to do it other than being good at pathological lying. It’s the most pathetic practice going on in “News”, no one holds anyone accountable for it, and it’s precisely why the public has good reason to place no trust in the media at large as a source of facts.

  10. I think a BETTER name for this white liberal-privilige project would be DEFECATOR.
    Every woman’s first name on the masthead should be Karen…
    Give it what, a year? No investors…subscriptions is the primary source of revenue…no company’s gonna spend advertising bucks on this POS? And the proletariat class at Defecator doesn’t get paid until the project starts to make money…BWAHAHAHA!!!
    I’m guessing ALL the inmates had a hand in that business plan.

  11. Go into any medical school cafeteria. You will see a room full of defendants. It’s a fact of life as a doctor. Silverdouche writing about Dr Chao’s “undisclosed” lawsuits is truly “yellow” jounalism.

  12. i am simply not eloquent enough to compliment you in a manner worthy of your efforts to battle back this nonsense……

    there should be a line of pro athletes out your door thanking you from preventing them from committing professional suicide……. as you consistently note- pro-sports, and the NFL in particular, has created more wealth for disadvantaged young people than all other professional segments of American society combined !!!

    yet again …….. thank you!!!

  13. My question:
    All the pro players that will sit out, will they all stay cooped up in their houses and not go outside and mingle with others for fear of getting the virus that would then affect their loved ones?

  14. “Defector”, from the word “defect” meaning flaw.
    Which is what the leftists have cornered the market in.
    The British referred to the broadcaster/collaborators for the Nazis as “Lord Haw-Haw”.
    We should refer to Silverman and all the rest as Lord Flaw-Flaws.
    And, as you do, oppose them, vigorously!

  15. The New York Times and Silverman hate football and everything it stands for . The same white liberals that run the BLM movement what to destroy American number one past time football . Just like pulling down Statues and Monuments they will pull sports down with bigotry hate racism and there lies .

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