Deadly Sniper Agrees To Fight In Ukraine

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Putin’s adversaries are pouring in from all sides of the globe.

As relayed by the New York Post, a deadly Canadian sniper, addressed by his nickname ‘Wali,’ was a member of the elite Royal 22e Regiment of Canada and how now committed to fighting alongside the Ukrainian forces.

“I want to help them. It’s as simple as that,” he stated. “I have to help because there are people here being bombarded just because they want to be European and not Russian.”

The report notes that the sniper previously served in Afghanistan and Iraq, also combating members of ISIS alongside a Kurdish guerilla force.

Fervor against Putin’s war crimes has become a galvanizing moment for the rest of the world. 

Grisly photos of families dead on the streets of Ukraine have stirred disdain for the Russian army’s operations.

From professional athletes to veterans, Ukraine has recruited any person willing to oppose Putin’s power grab.

“They were so happy to have us. It’s like we were friends right away,” added Wali.

“A week ago, I was still programming stuff. Now I’m grabbing anti-tank missiles in a warehouse to kill real people. … That’s my reality right now.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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