Dead Rapper’s Body Propped Up On Stage As Crowd Dances At His ‘Funeral’

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A former rapper by the name of Goonew was slain March 18, and the family later held a “funeral” for him at a Washington, D.C. nightclub. Sounds bad already. Except it gets much worse — they propped his body up for club goers to dance around it.

This is next-level mental illness. Watch:

An investigation is still underway to determine whether this was Goonew’s real body, but that information is actually irrelevant. There’s just no situation where holding a service with a body at a night club is okay. Someone should really check up on the bereaved after seeing this.

Cell phone recordings from late Sunday night at club Bliss show the event was entitled “The Final Show” and that the victim was propped on stage with his eyes open. This event reminds us of that time a young kid passed away back in 2018 and his family put him in a chair with a video game controller in hand. Just bizarre stuff going on these days.

No feel at all. None. But in all seriousness though, we send our deepest condolences to the late rapper who was reportedly shot during a robbery and later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Management of Bliss nightclub had this to say in an Instagram statement:

“Our deepest condolences to Goonew’s family, friends, and fans. Bliss was contacted by a local funeral home to rent out our venue for Goonew’s home-going celebration. Bliss was never made aware of what would transpire. We sincerely apologize to all those who may be upset or offended. Please keep Gonew’s family and friends in your prayers at this difficult time.”

Perhaps the club should burn some sage? Those poor managers aren’t paid enough.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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