Ten People Convicted In The Shooting Of David Ortiz

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Multiple people have been handed lengthy prison sentences for their roles in the 2019 shooting of David Ortiz.

A total of 10 people were convicted in the shooting of the Boston Red Sox legend while he was in the Dominican Republic, and Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz, the shooter, and Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia both received the longest sentences at 30 years each, according to ESPN.

The other eight people convicted in the Dominican Republic received sentences ranging from five to 10 years. Alleged mastermind Victor Hugo Gomez Vasquez was one of three defendants acquitted. Ortiz was shot at point blank range in 2019 in Santo Domingo while at a restaurant.

Despite being shot, the authorities believe the actual target was somebody sharing a table with the legendary MLB player. Ortiz was immediately rushed to America for multiple medical procedures, and he was fortunately able to make a full recovery.

Another man suspected of playing a role in the shooting was killed in a gunfight in the Dominican Republic in 2021, according to Fox News.

Ten people convicted in the shooting of David Ortiz. The Boston Red Sox legend was shot while in the Dominican Republic in 2019. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

WARNING: You can watch the video of David Ortiz getting shot below. It’s graphic content.

If you’re going to play stupid games, you’re going to eventually win stupid prizes. Shooting David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic is an incredibly horrific and terrible thing to do. Now, ten people will pay the price. He’s healthy and happy, and they’re heading to prison.

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